Tiziana Terenzi’s President On The Luxury Italian Fragrance’s Spiral Construction

Tiziana Terenzi has certainly made a name for itself in the perfume industry for its unique spiral perfume construction. The result? The notes in each fragrance are releaed over time, which provides for a longer lasting experience.

With their latest fragrance launches, Sirrah and Mirach, they have done away with the traditional perfume construction of top, middle and base notes in favor of a "spiral construction." The technique opens up the notes of the fragrance differently than the classic pyramid model. In the typical fragrance construction, top notes fade first due to their lighter molecular structure; central notes are then released having a more full-bodied composition followed by the base notes which linger on the skin for hours after the top notes have dissipated.

Paolo Terenzi

We caught up recently with Paolo Terenzi, the brand's president, who was in Boston at Barneys New York in Copley Place, for an exclusive meet-and-greet with fans. "Our brand is now in 18 countries, including all of Europe, China and Central America," he said. "We will also be expanding to Colombia and Brazil and have been distributing our luxury fragrances at Barneys New York since 2013. Our fragrance is best known for its spiral construction and layering, which allows for the perfume to stay on the skin all day."

During our meeting, a fan came up to Terenzi and admitted he "buys the fragrance by the gallon." As for his visit to Boston, he said it was his second time in the city. "I love Boston," Terenzi said. "It's one of my favorite cities in America. I am a sailor, so I love seeing all of the boats in the harbor. I also like the city, culturally speaking. There is so much to do in terms of music and theater. You can really feel the energy here and it is a very positive vibe."

When creating Sirrah and Mirach, Terenzi was inspired by the Constellation of Andromeda, with its famous "fiery spiral circles" also known as "Spiral Arms." (Sirrah and Mirach are named after two famous stars found in that constellation, which are known for shining brighter than any other). We love the Sirrah Extrait De Parfum, which is composed of a top spiral of saffron, green peppercorn, quince and passion fruit; a central spiral of osmanthus, cardamom, oxygen, rose and amber; with a background spiral of birch, sandalwood, patchouli leather and white musk.

Best known for their complex, sophisticated, hand-crafted fragrances, candles and home fragrances. Terenzi personally sources the raw natural materials from around the world that go into every fragrance, while his sister (Tiziana) ensures the quality and detail that go into every bottle.

Tiziana Terenzi