5 Procedures That Can Help You Be Bikini-Ready By Summer

It may only be March, but if you’re considering non-invasive treatments or surgical procedures to help you put your best face and body forward come beach-season, it’s time to start planning. Many women and men desire a boost in their appearance, especially when summer plans call for more bathing-suit time, and Miami Beach, Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz says timing is everything. “It can take up to a few months to find the right plastic surgeon, schedule surgery and recover—and this process can’t be rushed,” he says. “It’s important to keep in mind is that depending on the procedure, it can take time for swelling to subside and see the final results.” With this said, these are the top procedures women and men are most interested in as they set their sights on summer, and now’s the time to spring into action.


Breast augmentation
“I always see an uptick in breast augmentation patients this time of year, even though I live in Miami and we enjoy warm weather year-round,” says Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz, who attributes this increase to more leisure time and travel come summer—as well as more revealing clothing. “Most patients are surprised to learn that breast augmentation recovery is rather quick—and although it can take a few months for the breasts to ‘settle’ and all swelling to go down, the results are visible immediately after surgery.”

Tummy tuck
Many women are self-conscious about their stomachs, especially after having children. A tummy tuck is a sure-fire way to a restore firmer, flatter abdomen—and this procedure can benefit male patients as well. “Depending on the extent of repair necessary, a mini-tummy tuck with liposuction that focuses on the lower abdomen can provide dramatic improvement for that stubborn ‘pouch’ that is resistant to diet and exercise. In those patients with more extensive excess skin and loss of elasticity, a traditional tummy tuck is usually the best approach,” Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz explains. Regardless of the tummy tuck technique used, these procedures require a few weeks of downtime as well as activity restrictions, so it’s necessary to plan accordingly so you're ready to bare all by summer.

EmSculpt is an exciting new non-invasive, downtime-free treatment for patients who are already relatively fit but need an extra boost to get the abdominal definition they desire. Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz shares, “This half-hour treatment mimics the effects of 20,000 sit-ups and provides a slight degree of fat reduction as well. The clinical studies and before-and-after photos look promising, and I believe this newer technology will find a nice niche in the market among other non-invasive body-contouring treatments like CoolSculpting and SculpSure.”

Liposuction can be used to target larger areas of stubborn fat (such as on the stomach, hips, and flanks), but in the hands of a skilled surgeon it can be used to refine and enhance specific contours as well. “Using liposuction in several smaller areas, such as the backs of the arms, along the bra line and inner or outer thighs can add up to significant improvement in the appearance of the body as a whole, especially when baring more skin this summer. High-definition liposuction can also be used to create the look of a ‘six pack’ in slimmer patients,” Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz says.


Gynecomastia surgery
Men with unwanted chest fullness often avoid taking their shirts off at the beach or by the pool, but there are several surgical techniques that can restore a more masculine-looking chest. “Some patients can get the improvement they’re looking for with liposuction alone, while others may require more extensive tissue removal. However, most male patients who have undergone these procedures say they wish they hadn’t waited so long to do it,” says Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz.


Plump, smooth, youthful-looking skin is “in” year-round, but Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz sees an increase in patients interested in injectable treatments when summer and wedding season approaches. “Everyone wants to look their best in photos—and injectable fillers, Botox and Dysport offer natural-looking improvement for a wide array of concerns.”

But Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz has one important piece of advice for everyone, whether considering cosmetic enhancement or not: “The easiest and least expensive way to ensure your skin looks its best from head to toe for years to come is to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 each and every day—and reapply it at least every two hours when spending time outdoors. I like to think of sunscreen as an insurance policy that protects the skin from the sun damage that can lead to visible signs of aging decades from now.”