Dr. Stanley Poulos Discusses The Importance Of Research Before Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Stanley Poulos, a University of Texas Medical School alumni, completed his internship and residency at UC San Francisco and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Specializing in cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring, Dr. Poulos uses his strong work ethic to excel in his patient's request. Dr. Poulos sat down with Haute Beauty to discuss the importance of clients conducting their research before procedures, and the recovery time on tummy tucks.
What is the recovery time on full body procedures such as tummy tucks?

Back to work time is 2-3 weeks, but it will always be several months until the final result is seen.

What would qualify a client for liposuction over a tummy tuck?

Localized deposits of excess fat with good skin elasticity will usually qualify a patient for lipo instead of excisional surgery. If the skin is loose or there is a significant loss of muscle tone (diastasis or a hernia) then abdominoplasty would be more appropriate.

What is the process of getting a cosmetic procedure done?

First one must select a qualified and experienced surgeon (usually a board-certified plastic surgeon). At a consultation, the surgeon will explain the options and discuss the potential complications, limitations, or tradeoffs of the surgery. This may require 1-2 visits well ahead of the scheduled surgery date. Some patients will choose to interview several practices before making a decision.

What would be the average cost for cosmetic procedures in the USA?

Costs vary by procedure and surgeon as well as the location of the clinic. Some procedures may be 1 hour while others could be 5-s hours and require overnight stays. Thus costs may vary from a few thousand dollars to $30,000 or more.

Why is it so important for clients to do their research prior to procedures?

The more research one does prior to making a decision the more likely one is to have the necessary information to make the decision. While board certification and years of experience in the procedure you are considering qualifies a given surgeon, you should also feel a rapport with that individual that puts you at ease.