All Things Collagen With Certified Health Coach & Founder Of Shore Magic Collagen, Joy Harari

Joy Harari

Joy Harari has a mission: to help change people’s lives for the better through nutrition. Joy believes that beauty, health and happiness begin from within and that begins with collagen.

The early years of Joy’s life were spent raising a large family. Her many interests kept her very busy. After losing both of her parents to cancer, her attention turned to health and wellbeing. She became particularly passionate about nutrition’s effect on the human condition.

Joy set out to find the purest, highest-quality form of collagen available, with no dangerous additives, fillers, synthetic vitamins or herbs – a hypoallergenic product that was backed by science and safe for all to use, every day. We caught up with Joy as she launches her Shore Magic Collagen collection.


What inspired your collagen journey?

I am a Certified Health Coach and I specialize in coaching children who are on the autistic spectrum and adults with anxiety and depression. I am a GAPS specialist so my method includes gut healing foods; that includes bone broth. Years ago, bone broth was not in vogue like today and the children I worked with were very resistant to having it every day. Knowing that collagen is the healing component of bone broth, I then went on a serious search for the finest, purest most bioavailable collagen I could find. I saw amazing results in over 5 years using my collagen with clients and their families. I knew it was something that needed to be out in the world, and hence Shore Magic was born!

Where does collagen come from?

Shore Magic Collagen is made from the skins of wild fish. There are other collagens made from cows, pigs, chickens, and fish scales. Our marine collagen is the most compatible with human tissue. The finest most bioavailable on the market. It is kosher, Halal and 3rd party tested for purity. It is also certified hypoallergenic.


What do you see as the major effects of integrating collagen into people’s regimens?

Over the last 8 years, I’ve seen the amazing effects of Shore Magic collagen. It’s as if Shore Magic has a GPS and knows just where to go for each person. Besides the commonly known anti-aging effects on skin, hair and joints, I saw a keloid scar heal on my wrist. Some people saw the anti-anxiety effects to the extent that they were able to get off of medication. Others had back pain resolve. Many eczema sufferers saw great relief. Children on the spectrum saw a drastic change in their ability to focus and with other symptoms. The scientist who did the research that was published, found that Shore Magic Collagen actually crosses the blood brain barrier and is involved in neurogenisis. That means it helps to create new brain cells! This can greatly improve memory and cognitive functions. We have seen osteoporosis improve markedly. There is also detoxification effects on lungs and liver. There are endless applications and we are still finding out more!

What is the best way to use your products for maximum results? 

The best dosage is usually 2 tablespoons (10 grams) a day – and consistency is key! It mixes easily in coffee, tea, yogurt, smoothies, water or anything hot or cold. It is odorless and tasteless. If someone has a few ailments or is an older adult, I recommend 2 tbsp. 2 times a day, or if someone has a serious situation where they are recovering from a wound or a broken bone etc. I recommend the maximum of 2 tbsp. 3 times a day.


What does science say about your Shore Magic collagen?

The published science behind Shore Magic collagen was very thoughtfully procured. Our aim was to find and prove the best uses for our product and to uncover its abilities to aid in human and animal health and wellbeing. We are very serious about   making a difference in people’s lives. To have proven, published science behind us means a lot for the future of preventive and rehabilitative health. You can read more on our website.

What are some of your favorite products in the line?

In addition to our premium Shore Magic Collagen powder, we have a beauty line of organic Shore Magic skincare made in France. The ingredients surpass the standards of Europe, Asia and the United States. Every product contains award winning micro-engineered marine collagen that goes right into the skin. I am very proud of this line because together with our collagen, it makes your skin so beautiful and glowing. Our best sellers are our Lifting Serum, Eye Cream, 24/7 moisturizer, and SPF50 Waterproof sunblock. I myself use all 11 of our products and love each and every one!


All photos courtesy of Joy Harari