7 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Lip Injections But Were Too Afraid To Ask

It seems wherever you search, the look of lip injections are more prevalent than ever. We live in a time where people make impulsive decisions without doing the due diligence beforehand. It is crucial to make sure you are doing your research before committing to a procedure you've simply just seen or heard about.

In an effort to prepare interested candidates, we spoke with Dr. Irene Gladstein, medical director of ENHANCE Aesthetic Arts, locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Gladstein and her associates are among the top cosmetic injectors in the nation (top 100 for Sculptra Aesthetic and top 250 Allergan family products injectors in the country to be precise). The practice's social media page @theenhancers has been a go-to resource for followers interested in all-things aesthetics and beauty.

We didn't hold back when we asked Dr. Gladstein everything we felt people should know when considering lip injections.


How do lip injections compare in popularity when compared to other treatments? Have you seen a rise in popularity of this treatment?

Lip enhancement popularity has been on a significant "up" trend for the past few years. While requested looks have gone from "Kylie" to more natural shape and volume (hooray for this change) in the past year, we still continue to observe a steady increase in demand for this procedure. In our practice, the overall number of lip augmentations still dominates all other injectable treatments by a ratio of about 5:1.

Why do you think so many people are drawn to lip injections?

Lip enhancements are totally on-trend nowadays. The huge surge in interest could definitely be attributed to reality and social media personalities popularizing the procedures both directly by promoting it and indirectly, simply by looking "injected".

Do you find there is a specific age/person that is looking into this treatment more?

This is hands down the most popular millennial and Generation-Z trend with Generation-X coming in distant second. We also see a significant influx of male patients requesting lip enhancements.

What is the procedure like? How painful and uncomfortable is it?

We have a firm belief that with the right approach, this procedure could be a simple lunch time treatment. Beauty and pain don't have to go hand in hand. We always apply custom formulated numbing cream that assures comfort while performing lip enhancements. Additional layer of pain control comes from the numbing medication mixed into most fillers currently used.

Courtesy of Irene Gladstein MD PC, case by Amanda Londino, PA-C

How often does a patient need to come in to maintain the results?

When it comes to lip enhancements, slow does it. The key to obtaining natural, soft and kissable lips is to gradually layer lip appropriate filler at regular intervals. First time users will normally see longevity of just a few months, while patients who maintain the results regularly will see filler last up to a year and sometimes even longer. Of course, other factors such as individual metabolic rate play an important role and may influencer the outcomes.

Are there things that would prevent people from being a candidate?

Certain diagnosis and medications preclude one from getting lip fillers. It is of paramount importance to consult an experienced and knowledgeable provider in the field who will review all medical factors before embarking on this highly desirable yet elective treatment.

What are three things you want potential patients to know about lip injections?

Natural appearance is always in so we highly recommend staying away from temporary drifts (key hole pout, etc) and focusing on balancing the facial features rather than create lips that live a life of their own. Always opt for the most skilled, experienced and artistically inclined provider who specializes in aesthetics and doesn't treat these procedures as a "side gig".

We highly recommend reviewing your potential provider's portfolio (preferably hundreds of cases) and ask yourself a question "Would I be happy with this result?" We also encourage to engage with the provider who will discuss your goals and wishes and guide you there gradually.

Lastly, always know where your filler comes from. The unfortunate truth is there are less than ethical providers out there who continuously compromise patients' well being and increase their own profitability by acquiring what we call "black market" product. This unknown product of foreign origin usually comes from illegal sources and cannot be guaranteed for either sterility or effects. We encourage our patients to educate themselves on what authentic product looks like and request complete disclosure of sources from their providers.