Natural Skin Care Spotlight: Max & Madeleine

 By now, everyone has taken the plunge into their new year's resolutions.

People are signing up for gym memberships with hopes of exercising more. Reaching for healthier options to improve their diet. Or looking to be more mindful, and starting a meditation practice. Rarely, though, do you hear someone say, "My new year's resolution is to take better care of my skin."

We're quick to jump on the healthy resolution bandwagon (which is never a bad thing), but we're often more focused on what's going into our bodies than what we're putting on it. Skin care—taking care of our body's largest organ!—should be on everyone's resolution list. Challenge yourself to take it one step further, and seek out products that are good for you and your skin.

Keep It Natural

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Go to your beauty cabinet and pick out your top 5 favorite, and most used, products. Turn them over and take a look at the ingredient list.

Chances are, there's A. A lot of things you can't pronounce, B. a lot of items you can't identify, and C. probably a few ingredients that, if you knew what they were, you'd think twice about putting it on your skin.

Finding powerful, but not harmful, beauty and skin care products can be difficult. Don't fret, though—Max & Madeleine is here to help. They're changing the game with a range of natural, toxin-free, vegan, and (bonus!) cruelty free beauty and skin care products you can rely on.

Get To Know The Brand

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We got to chat with Melissa Moritz, co-founder and CEO of Max & Madeleine about the brand, why it's so important to them to keep their products natural and non-toxic, and how you can get involved.

Q: Where did the idea for a natural skin care line originate?

A: When my sons were just infants, they both struggled with skin allergy issues.

My youngest son, Dean, had it the worst. At just 3 weeks old he broke out in hives that covered his entire body. His doctor informed me that it was most likely an allergy to something touching his skin. I was baffled because I was using products that were marketed and labeled as "natural" and appropriate for babies, so I wasn't sure what it could be.

Turns out, though, that the products I was using were the culprit. These “natural” products were full of chemicals. So, I started doing research on the topic. I was shocked to learn about the lack of laws in the US in regard to chemicals used in our personal care products.

Q: How did the brand, Max & Madeleine, come to be?

A: I assumed that if I, as a new mom, was experiencing this that there must be many other moms out there in my same situation.

I started to learn that there are a lot of organic skin care options out there. But, the task of trying to find a product that was effective, smelled good, and wasn't super expensive was overwhelming.

One day, I was discussing all of this with my friend Carolynn (Madeleine's mom) and we thought, “Wouldn't it be awesome if we could create a company that made all of this easier.”

So, we set out to do research on harmful chemicals that are often in products. Our end goal was simple, we wanted to create products that were effective, luxurious, safe, and most importantly, free of those harmful chemicals.

Q: Do you make any of your products yourself?

A: We actually make about 85% of the products in house by hand! Some of our products are made in a lab specializing in organic products, and our soaps are made for us by a farm in Montana. We source our ingredients from a number of vendors, and we always try to source the highest quality USDA certified organic ingredients.

Q: Have you found that people have misconceptions about all natural products? (i.e. they don't last as long, or they're overpriced?)

A: That is exactly what a lot of people tend to think about organic and natural products.

Natural products do not have as long of a shelf life because they are made without the chemicals and preservatives that are often used to make products last longer. Our products have a shelf-life of about one year.

The idea that organic or natural products are expensive isn't exactly untrue. The fact is, certifying products to be organic costs money. So, buying ingredients that are certified organic is more expensive, therefore making the products more expensive.

We make a point to price our products in the mid-range as a way to make cleaner alternatives more affordable, and more accessible.

Q: I know it's hard to choose just one, but do you have a favorite product? 

A: I'd have to say that our Healing Balm is my go to for just about everything.

I always make the joke about the father from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding that puts Windex on everything. That's me with this balm!

I use it on my children for cuts, burns, scrapes, diaper rash, eczema and chapped lips. I also use it on my dry skin and on my cuticles. I use it to remove my makeup, and on any of my cuts, too. I even use it on my eye lashes for growth! I literally don't leave home without it!

Another favorite (I can't choose just one!) is our Anti Aging Serum. My skin has been completely transformed since using it. My dark spots have lightened, and my skin is more hydrated and youthful looking.

Q: Last, but certainly not least, tell me about the Max & Madeleine parties! 

A: Who doesn't love a party, right?! Literally anyone can host one.

We like to mix things up—you can invite your friends to your home and host a traditional party, or you can meet up with some friends at a cafe or restaurant and sample products while enjoying some time out.

There's also the option of hosting a party online through a Facebook event—so you can party in your PJs  from the comfort of your own home! In this instance, our Max & Madeleine Advisor does all the work. Even easier—you can also just grab a catalog and share with your friends or co-workers and order straight from there.

Q: Is there a process to become a host?

A: The process is really simple. To host a party, you would need to contact a local Max & Madeleine Independent Advisor, decide what type of party you're interested in hosting, and then go from there. The majority of the work is done for you.

Max & Madeleine Must Haves

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Aromatherapy Rollerball, $9 each (available in six scents)

Healing Balm, $25 (*Melissa's favorite!)

Vanilla Lip Scrub, $14

Bath Salts, $19 (also available in Rose & Ylang Ylang)


Skin Rescue Anti-Aging Serum, $35 (*Melissa's Favorite!)

Photos courtesy of Max & Madeleine