Gigi Hadid Shows Armpit Hair – Or Not?

This year, armpit hear grew to be a symbol of feminism – a bit fuzzy, nonetheless. While social-media influencers and an array of celebrities have raced to showcase their armpit hair – au naturel or died in bright hues, fans and everyday women seem split on the merits of the trend.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is the latest start to get pulled into the conversation withshort movie for mini-movie for LOVE Magazine's annual Advent calendar, where she posed with arms up, revealing what appears to be armpit hair.

In an array of fighting moves with fists often thrown high above her wet, slicked-back blonde mane, Hadid looks like the epitome of feminine prowess. The dark stubble on her armpits might as well be part of the look, which comprises a tight-fitting red boxer costume.

Not everyone, however, embraced Hadid’s armpits. Many disapproved, and some wondered whether it was armpit hair in reality, or mere lint from the blue sweater she wears in the beginning of the clip.

Yet, others, though, seem to have found inspiration in Hadid. One user commented, “I was honestly looking for an excuse to quit shaving my armpits and I think I just found it.”

Hadid has remained silent on the issue.