Ariana Grande Pulls The Curtain On Her Personal Life With Reebok

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Pop star and style icon Ariana Grande partnered with fitness lifestyle label Reebok to allow a revelatory peek into her life.

On the eve of the finale of her eight-month “Dangerous Woman” world tour, the American songstress and Reebok hosted an intimate event in Hong Kong, which focused on women’s empowerment.

Drawing the curtains on Grande’s off-the-stage routine, the occasion highlighted the values that guide both the singer and the famed brand – confidence, self-belief and betterment.

“It’s so exciting to be working with a brand who encourages people to be unapologetically themselves,” Grande said about her nascent partnership with Reebok. “It’s what Reebok stands for and it’s something we both truly believe in. Celebrating the beauty in diversity, not being afraid to be who you are and feeling empowered to be the best version of you.”

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The event commenced with a workout with Grande’s trainer Harley Pasternak, who focused on adaptable exercises that befit a hectic schedule. Later, Grande joined celebrity stylist Law Roach to talk about the fusion of fashion conventions and personal style in search of a statement that is unique yet comfortable.

Grande also engaged her personal choreographer and friend Brian Nicholson in an honest discussion about discovering and fostering a real, loving and giving self.

“I feel like in this moment now we need something that’s going to help bring everyone forward in self-love, self-acceptance and inclusivity,” Nicholson said. “I feel like that’s Reebok and I know that that’s Ariana.”

The day finished with a dance session that revealed the stamina, dedication and perseverance Grande’s tour required of her.

Throughout the event Grande sported Reebok Women’s Fall/Winter collection, which is available online.