Follow These Tips from ESPA at Vdara for At-Home Spa Spoils


A day at the spa is great. And for many, a rare indulgence. As life swirls us up in an often hectic routine, taking the time to indulge and spoil ourselves becomes close to unfeasible.

Luckily for us, ESPA at Vdara hotel in Los Vegas has developed at-home equivalents to its most sought-after spa therapies.

This year, ESPA at Vdara received a five-star recognition from Forbes for its highly personalized treatments, attentive personnel and coveted European heat experiences. So, when ESPA manager Kim Key offered guidance on how to replicate a spa day at home, we listened.

Let your body breathe

ESPA at Vdara offers an eucalyptus oil steam experience, which clears the skin, enhances blood circulation, sooths the muscles and allays respiratory problems.

To recreate it in your home, Key suggests using one of ESPA’s six bath oils, which are made in the UK out of natural, sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients. The proper selection of an oil depends on the results you want to achieve.

“The Energising Bath Oil, containing peppermint and rosemary, is a revitalizing blend that helps the mind stay awake and focused,” she said.  “Our Soothing Bath Oil, containing sandalwood and frankincense, assists in releasing stress from the body and mind for a peaceful sleep.”

Clean and polish your skin

At ESPA at Vdara, therapists rely on a sea salt and oil scrub that they personalize to customers’ individual needs in order to deliver maximum exfoliation and nourishment. To decide what oil to use, ESPA specialists conduct a sensory test on clients’ feelings, struggles and goals.

“After the consultation, the therapist will choose the two products that will provide the best results for the guest, based on the ingredients and benefits of each product,” Key said. “The two selected products are then sampled on the guest’s hands or wrists.  The guest is asked to smell each product, and choose the one that they are most drawn to.  The philosophy is that they will be drawn to the product that their body needs. This is an important part of our services, and a favorite of our guests.”

While spa guests can purchase their personalized scrubs, a sensory test is not an absolute requirement for a customized DIY exfoliation as long as you tune into what your mind and body tells you.

“It is all about taking a moment before using products to really assess how one feels and how they would like to feel,” said Key. “Are they looking to rejuvenate? Relax? Something in between? After determining how one would like to feel, they can choose the product (body oil, salt scrub, moisturizer, etc.) that they feel will help them achieve the desired result.”


You can also try the Optimal Skin ProCleanser – a three-in-one product that cleans, exfoliates and also acts as a mask. It contains jojoba spheres that gently strip the skin of impurities and moringa seed extract and pumpkin enzymes that enliven it.

Reveal your inner glow   

At the core of ESPA’s philosophy is revitalization from within, the place where radiant and healthy skin begins. To that end, the spa together with Vdara’s culinary team has concocted a Green Glow smoothie, packed with nourishing ingredients.

Fortunately, the recipe is an easy one. To blend it yourself, combine three kale leaves, half a cucumber,  a kiwi, a granny smith apple, a stalk celery and four ounces of water.

An at-home spa pamper that copies the advantages of professional establishments might be hard – if not impossible. And yet, do not strain over faithfully replicating the uplifting experience of your last spa visit.  Instead, focus on how to enhance your daily care.

“[T]he key is to take time for oneself,” said Key. “Take the extra time in a steamy shower to breathe deeply and benefit from the aromatherapy of the products, to gently give the skin a thorough exfoliation, and to moisturize and nourish with oil or moisturizer.  For facial care, dedicate time each morning and night to cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize the skin.  A little extra time, and making a habit of caring, will help appease the body and mind.”