Sephora Offers Makeup Class to Men and Women with Cancer


Understanding the power of makeup, Sephora launched beauty classes for men and women with cancer.

Part of the brand’s Classes for Confidence endeavor, the campaign aims to boost cancer patients’ and survivors’ self-esteem, which is often dinted by the effects of the disease on hair and skin.

Titled Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer, the class centers on teaching basic makeup tips and techniques to not only enhance attendees’ complexions but also to empower them in their daily lives.

According to, the initiative was conceived in 2015, when Sephora was looking to infuse its makeover classes with a social cause and spur a difference in the communities where it retails.

The campaign comes on the heels of a Workforce Re-Entry class, which focused on professional makeup for those returning to work after a hiatus.

This new class, however, is more challenging that what the cosmetics retailer had done before. Having taken Sephora two years to develop, it caters to people who have incurred visible skin and hair alterations due to their cancer treatments.

To meet the individual needs of each participants, the class is divided into sessions that host no more than 12 people, with a coach for every three – four participants and family members allowed to sign up too. The workshops are headed by a trained instructor, who over 90 minutes provides step-by-step advice for skin, brow and eye makeup. The used products contain few “chemicals of concern,” said Carrie Conrad, Sephora’s head of social impact.

Currently, Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer classes are offered across the Unites States in over 40 stores in states from Hawaii to Maine to Florida. As the year progresses, Sephora is to add more locations.