Home Nail Care: Five Easy Tips for Strong, Firm Nails

Just like skin and hair, nails require constant care. Heaps of keratin, healthy nails are smooth and uniform in color – and hard to maintain. Water and chemicals, heat and chill wear or nails daily. Not to mention the multitude of innocent activities that promote breakage. Haute Beauty has collected five simple tips to keep your nails strong and firm despite their common adversaries.

Calcium-rich Diet
A calcium-rich diet leads to great nails. Found in dairy products, calcium strengthens nails and prevents cracks, breakage and white spots.

Dry and Clean
Keep your nails dry and clean to maintain their strength and hinder the growth of bacteria and fungi. Any prolonged contact with water can soften and split nails, while harsh chemicals (like dish detergent or aggressive beauty products) may further erode their health.

Cuticle Care
Cuticles seal the base of the nail from dirt and bacteria. Do not remove them, as this will open your nail to infections and brittleness. Rather, once a week, after a shower, push them gently back with a wooden (not metal) stick and massage them with a cuticle cream.

Moisturize and protect
Rub hand lotion onto your nails to moisturize the skin around them as well as their plates. Apply a layer of nail hardener to strengthen nails and protect them from outside damage.

Trim Often
Nails are like hair – regular trimming promotes their health. Cut your nails every couple of weeks and aim for a length that does not wear on them. Short nails with rounded edges are not only neater and simpler to manage but also less susceptible to breakage than longer, square ones.