Haute Spots Dallas: Four Seasons Spa Will Pamper You Through The Holidays

The steam room at the Well & Being spa surrounds you in luxury as you relax.
The steam room at the Well & Being spa surrounds you in luxury as you relax.

Photo Credit: Four Seasons Spa

Last week during our tour of Dallas/Fort Worth we were invited to relax for a few hours at the Four Seasons Well & Being Spa in Las Colinas.  We certainly weren't going to say no.

The Four Seasons is a huge resort located in the Las Colinas area. Once you drive through the gate you feel like you've entered a different world. The sounds of traffic fade away behind the row of trees and you find yourself looking at numerous brick buildings. Turn left to find the spa -- it's by the golf course.

Walking in we were greeted warmly and led to the dressing room where we donned a thick robe and slid tired feet into slippers. It was time for a manicure and a box of chocolate covered strawberries. What diet?

During the manicure our hands were exfoliated, massaged, and wrapped in hot towels which left us relaxed with the softest hands we've had. The technician offered advice on how to deal with our fragile nails and then took us to meet the masseuse. We were then led to a comfortable room to get ready for the massage which was aptly named, Blues Be Gone.

Adrenal fatigue caused by constant stress is a reality of so many of our lives. We're constantly on the go, doing things for others, being on call 24/7, driving to piano lessons, soccer games, and dinners with clients. It's exhausting. The Blues Be Gone massage made those feelings of being overwhelmed go away. A blue eucalyptus steam filled our lungs with an invigorating fragrance that enhances immunity and re-energizes the mind. We're all for that.

Next the massage with a ginger body oil made each muscle purr as relaxation took over. We floated in that dreamy state, somewhere between consciousness and sleep while we were soothed, kneaded, and rubbed. All of goodness was followed by acupressure techniques designed to balance the adrenal system.

It always seems like the massage is over much too soon but we were enticed back into reality with a soft pat and a cup of cold water. We were then invited to relax in the steam room while we prepared to re-enter the world. Lounging on a chaise with a glass of peach tea was the perfect way to end our time at the spa. The quiet room is luxurious with chaises around a whirlpool area to help ease the transition from warm comfort to back to business. It's an experience that you won't want to miss.