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  • Mariama Camara-Petrolawicz
  • Mariama Mounir Camara-Petrolawicz is a 28 years old humanitarian who advocates for women and children around the world. Her inspiring presence reflects her power, optimism and energy. Born in Guinea, West Africa, she was raised by an entrepreneurial mother and a politician father. Mariama’s background did not however protect her from the many hardships she faced while in her neighboring country of Senegal prior to moving to the United States in 2001. She overcame numerous obstacles and learned the value of helping those less fortunate throughout her journey. Mariama has worked as a public relations agent and is very familiar with the “Haute” life of New York City. She has readily given her support and voice to causes that bring about change around the world. She feels most alive when following her passion of changing lives through her nonprofit organization There Is No Limit Foundation that she started with her younger sister Aissata Mounir Belgrade Camara in 2008. Mariama is a strong supporter of causes related to women and children empowerment, education, rural entrepreneurship, health and sanitation, and water accessibility. Mariama spends time with family and friends during her free time and is an avid fan of golf and tennis. She also prides herself on her cooking and fashion skills. Ultimately, Mariama wants to make sure that hidden voices and stories are heard.

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