Transformational Life Strategist Arabelle Yee Moved Mountains To Shift Her Mindset, And You Can Too

One woman on a quest to change other female lives is taking the world by storm. Entrepreneur, certified psychotherapist, and transformational life strategist Arabelle Yee moved mountains to achieve personal and professional success and knows what it takes to build something out of nothing. Read on to discover the steps she took to shift her mindset to get into a position of growth.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything seemed “fine”, but upon closer inspection, all the events you flagged as green turned out to be a stark red? Trust me, we’ve all been there to some degree, and once we come to terms with it, we ask ourselves, “how did I not see the now obvious signs?”

Well, they’re not as obvious as you may think, but once you’re able to see more clearly, a whole other world exists outside of those situations. And one resilient woman experienced just that.

“When you’re in something, you don’t really know that you’re in it until you come out of it,” Arabelle Yee explains. But when she came out of it, she transferred all of her strength and energy into everything she did.

Leveraging her community of nearly 800,000, many years of experience working with people from over 110 countries, and her background in MBA and psychotherapy, she has been able to help her community unlock their purpose and build emotional intelligence, create wealth and success in their lives.

But her journey from point A to B wasn’t linear. Four years ago, Arabelle was in a very different situation, one that took extreme resilience, courage, and commitment to get out of.

“The innate desire of a human being is to belong. And when you already belong to a person or a community, it’s really hard to say, ‘no, I do not belong here’ even when you’re seeing so many red flags. Because when you say that, it becomes true, and when you accept that, you have to take action. And normally, that action is to either try to work it out or to leave,” she discusses.

Whether it was divine timing or coincidence, Arabelle came across the quote, “not choosing is still choosing.” After that moment, she began to see things more clearly, and part of that vision was the future version of herself: a happy, thriving, and powerful individual.

“It was not an overnight process, but I made the decision that I’m going to step away from something that was very unhealthy for me,” Arabelle addresses, “and the biggest push was when I had my child.”

Taking on the responsibility of not solely herself but her child too, Arabelle realized a change had to occur. “I wanted to be the kind of parent who walks her talk … and embodies the qualities, traits, and characteristics that I want my child to have,” she continues.

How you raise a child largely affects the person they will grow up to be, and if you display negative habits, more than likely they will transfer it into their future habits. To avoid this from transpiring, Arabelle made the conscious choice to change.

A lesson she wished someone had taught her earlier on is to “Decide.” Even though it’s the hardest step, it’s the most crucial one.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves accepting aspects of life and chalking it up to “just the way it is.” And rather than raising questions internally or externally, we dump water over the fire and learn to live with the smoke. But in doing so, we restrict ourselves from transforming into our best selves to live extraordinary lives full of limitless potential and freedom.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, you know the importance of a decision. This is your sign to continue listening and paying attention to your intuition because nine times out of ten, it’s right.

Once Arabelle made the decision to change, shifts began to happen. Her mindset became a powerful tool and rather than allowing it to control her life, she learned how to yield it to produce the best results.

Arabelle accessed all the tools she learned along the way that ultimately led her to create an empire out of nothing and has since dedicated her life to helping other women do the same. And after she overcame the hardest step – deciding to change – the rest came naturally.

Directing all of your energy, negative or positive, into building an elevated life is the second phase of stepping into your power. Rather than projecting negativity onto people or situations from the past, channel those feelings into your mental toolkit to be used as a force for good.

Once you’ve mastered your emotional response, the third step is learning from your missteps. Rather than viewing them as setbacks, see them as an opportunity to grow and change. Those setbacks are not losses.

“Even if they are, it’s about falling forward. It’s about repeating what works and stopping what doesn’t work,” Arabelle emphasizes.

The last step connects all the pieces: looking at where you’re giving your power away. From her perspective, this could happen for multiple reasons. “There were many moments when I felt helpless, alone, and afraid to speak up. It then would make me spiral into feeling like a victim. And it was in those moments, I had to make a conscious decision to reframe the whole situation,” Arabelle says.

To do this, she viewed her experience as something that was happening for her, not to her. The more she practiced this mindset, the faster she was able to shift herself into feeling more empowered.

From a place of weakness to now creating, holding, and sharing power, the possibilities for Arabelle are endless. Don’t be surprised when, a few years from now, the only way to reach her is by visiting her private, sustainable Island community.

“The most exciting thing that I envision for the future is to one day create a sustainable community on an island where like-minded visionaries, leaders, and creatives can get together to initiate projects for humanity and for the children,” Arabelle exclaims.

If you’re reading this, she encourages you to give yourself permission to take action and to live your dreams, and in due time, she’ll catch you on the flip side (aka, sipping a matcha latte on the beach).

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Written in partnership with Mindful Agency