“What Draws Me Towards Aesthetic Medicine Is The Artistic Creativity It Necessitates” Nexx MD Medical Director, Dr. Tashakkor, On Why He Got Involved In The $4 Billion Dollar Industry

Dr. Yashar Tashakkor is the medical director at Nexx MD Cosmetic Clinic. He is also an award-winning author and researcher, with more than 30 scientific articles, published in esteemed journals such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Annals of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Yashar Tashakkor has a degree in medicine from the University of British Columbia, yet the Vancouver native is nothing close to your average doctor. When he isn’t practicing internal medicine or publishing scientific articles, he is treating clients who trust him to help them feel more comfortable and confident in their skin.

With a background in biomedical engineering, Dr. Tashakkor is the founder of Nexx MD Cosmetic Clinic, which has grown to become the largest cosmetic clinic along the north shore in just under five years. Offering a wide range of services including lip enhancement, liquid rhinoplasty, facial slimming, and hair removal, his practice is quickly expanding alongside the facial enhancement industry itself, which is projected to be worth $9 billion dollars by 2028.

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr.Tashakkor, affectionately referred to as “Doctor T,” by his clients, as he shared with us why he began his journey in this industry, and how he discovered a way to combine his artistic ability with his career, to make cosmetic dermatology his own form of art

“I’ve always loved the artistic side of medicine,” he tells us. “I’m a sculptor and an avid art collector, and so practicing aesthetics allowed me to combine my passion for art with medicine,” he continues, explaining that carrying out certain cosmetic procedures really does require an artistic point of view.

“Sure, anybody can grab some botox or fillers and make an injection, but what differentiates an expert injector versus a novice is the way they look at the anatomy, the muscles, and the facial expressions of the client, and whether or not they can achieve a natural but impactful result without making people look overdone,” he says. And I’m sure we’ve all seen examples of work that looks “overdone,” and work that looks natural. Striking the perfect balance and nailing exactly what a client is looking for takes a lot of practice, knowledge, and technique.

According to Dr. Tashakkor, being successful in this industry requires a lot of ongoing learning and education. He says that regularly attending conferences, talking to colleagues, and looking at new technology is really important, and staying on top of trends is a must, especially because a lot of people tend to follow trends based on celebrities.

Aside from continuing to learn, Dr. Tashakkor also teaches other physicians and nurses who come to his clinic on a weekly basis how to administer proper and safe injections. He believes that when you teach others, it challenges your own knowledge and forces you to be up to date.

With a desire to teach and inspire others, it’s no surprise that Dr. Tashakkor is quickly rising to the top, and making a name for himself as a Canadian expert in this field. “I’ve always liked aesthetics because I’ve always liked making people feel better about themselves,” he tells us.

What Dr. Tashakkor does is a lot more than just botox or fillers, he really counsels patients regarding the impression they give out to the world. Many people are often told that they always look angry because of the lines around their mouths, or they always look tired because of the darkness under their eyes. With Dr. Tashakkor’s help, both can be corrected almost instantly, allowing people to feel more empowered and confident in their bodies.

“It’s very important to people because this is how they portray themselves to the environment. And for me, it’s important because I get to help people feel younger, more refreshed, and become a better version of themselves without having to do major procedures or surgery.”

At Nexx MD, Dr. Tashakkor uses the most advanced technology, best ingredient fillers, and proprietary techniques to help his clients achieve the results they are looking for. Because he has a background in biomedical engineering, he has a very good understanding of lasers and can use that knowledge to create combination procedures and enhance treatments with botox and filler.

“Many patients tell me that they feel better, more energetic, and more attractive and that my work has enhanced their relationships with their partners. When they tell me that, it makes me feel rewarded,” he concludes.

Historically, there has been a perception that these procedures are vain or unnecessary, but what we’re beginning to see is that’s no longer the case. People feel more confident and empowered to do things for themselves, especially by educating themselves on how facial enhancements can change their lives. For Dr. Tashakkor, this industry allowed him to fuse his passion for art and his passion for medicine into one rewarding career.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Yashar Tashakkor and Nexx MD Cosmetic Clinic located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, check out their website today.

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