7 Brands You Need to Know and Shop This Holiday Season


1) Secret Sauce

Launched in 2020 in Los Angeles, California, the popular group known as Secret Sauce has exponentially grown offering its clientele valuable information regarding the designer/sneaker market in order to help them acquire items they desire faster & smarter than the average buyer. From early info & informative guides to product leaks & exclusive bots, Secret Sauce has you covered whether you’re a reseller, collector, stylist, or a simple enthusiast. On top of the incredible resources offered by the growing community, Secret Sauce supplements this with a Support team filled with experienced buyers/sellers that understand the nuances of the market to make sure your experience is one of a kind and meets your expectations. Join Secret Sauce by signing up for their waitlist!

2) Il Bagliore

Il Bagliore, which translates to “the glow” in Italian, is a New York-based skincare company that employs cutting-edge technology to create custom, therapeutic formulas made with premium quality ingredients. Developed by Founder and CEO Anne Visconti-Cajigas, Il Bagliore is rooted in her Italian heritage coupled with decades of experience in the skincare space. Designed by the world’s leading formulators, the company’s signature White Truffle Serum and Moisturizer work together harmoniously to facilitate the skin’s natural renewal process, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The skincare duo highlights genuine white truffles imported from the Piedmont region of Italy–an ingredient rich with vitamins, antioxidants and Superoxide Dismutase, which is known for its potent anti-aging properties. Il Bagliore’s skincare system draws continuous praise from clients for its result-driven, glow-inducing formulas.

3) Tangible Gratitude

Formally started in Los Angeles of 2020, Tangible Gratitude awakens the discussion of what “gratification” truly means and how it’s misinterpreted & associated with the byproduct of acquiring. Rather than gratitude being something that is promised, it is rather realized for it is a state of mind capable of being embraced by anyone. More importantly, Tangible Gratitude goes on to showcase how gratification is the purest form of luxury representing themselves as a brand built on a deeper philosophy and a greater understanding of “value”. The company currently offers this message in the form of a uniform & accessory commenting on both’s relationship with gratitude and implying future creations to be seen.

4) Coffee + Honey

Coffee + Honey is an emerging boutique-brand built on meaningful values and a holistic approach to fashion. The brand has grown immensely since its start, transforming from a vintage-resale platform on Etsy to a handcrafted, custom-made business built on women empowerment. The brand reflects the owner’s love of fashion and her journey through motherhood, evolving as she does. The initiative sparked from her passion and willingness to address environmental issues through fashion, selling recycled products, and eventually evolving into a small “one woman business” that creates hand-made dresses from recycled materials. Coffee + Honey is designed for women who embrace their femininity with confidence and girls who will become empowered women.

5) Grass!365

Founded in 1998, Grass!365 has been providing successful artificial grass experiences across the United States for over two decades. With a team composed of experts, they take pride in making synthetic grass transformations easy and effective, delivering the highest-quality and best-performing backyard putting greens, playground surfaces, dog park play areas, and artificial lawns in the industry. Thanks to their thorough understanding of the industry and their in-depth experience, Grass!365 uniquely offers turf systems that match the needs of their customers. Their product is an industry leader in climate control, 100% recyclable, and SealTuft Backed, allowing for the implementation of sustainable and effective installations.

6) Pink Miracle

Pink Miracle boasts a concentrated, domestically manufactured formula well-tailored to accommodate various types of fabrics such as leathers, nubuck, suede, vinyl, canvas, and cloth—while marketed predominantly as a shoe cleaner, it has also been used by customers on a diverse range of materials like handbags and car upholstery, making it a versatile cleaning product. Aiming to build a more comprehensive outreach, Pink Miracle continues to collaborate with a variety of sports agencies and marketing teams while placing a specific emphasis on communities by aligning itself with fundraising opportunities, organizations, and local sports leagues. For updates on upcoming releases, connect with Pink Miracle on Instagram (@thepinkmiracle).

7) Opal Road Home

Opal Road Home is a fast-growing luxury candle company that was recently launched earlier this year. Established by Founder and CEO Rebecca Keni, Opal Road features an extensive portfolio of hand-poured, coco-apricot candle blends crafted with all-natural, cruelty-free, non-toxic ingredients. Sealed in vibrant, reusable glass vessels, the candle brand has released a euphoric collection inspired by the 7 chakras. Within the coming months, Opal Road is set to release exclusive gift box sets, 3oz votive candles and exclusive seasonal offerings.

Written in partnership with Ascend