The Fives Oceanfront and RoMarley Beachouse Are The Best Kept Secrets On The Mexican Coast

Photo Credit: The Fives Oceanfront

About 24 miles outside of Cancun is a quiet fishing town known as Puerto Morelos. On the edge of that town, nestled right on the beach, is the newest must-visit luxury hotel The Fives Oceanfront. Inside of The Fives, you will find a delightful beach club with delicious food, cocktails, and entertainment known as the RoMarley Beachouse. 

Designed as a place for relaxation and restoration, The Fives Oceanfront and RoMarley Beachouse offer their guests an all-inclusive, luxury vacation literally sitting on the beach. Guests wake up to ocean views and 5-star service, with the option to invest in a residence of the hotel as well. The Fives Oceanfront has also recently become a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts – the world’s largest independent hotel brand that represents more than 700 distinctive hotels, resorts, residences, and unique hotel groups across 80 countries – as the newest experience available within the Preferred Hotels & Resorts L.V.X. Collection

Photo Credit: The Fives Oceanfront

The RoMarley Beachouse was founded by Rohan Marley, the son of legendary musician Bob Marley, in conjunction with The Fives Hotels & Residences. The RoMarley Beachouse is an elevated beach club that offers mouthwatering food, creative mixology, and endless music for the hotel’s guests. Rohan Marley’s mission is to offer guests a stimulating experience of the senses, spirit, and soul which includes a SunHouse Wellness Retreat in June 2021 spearheaded by spiritual guide Sharina Gutierrez whose intention is to provide guests with intentional awareness and an awakening of their higher selves.

“This retreat is going to be more than just a retreat, we’re helping so many people find themselves,” says Sharina. “We’re helping them get out of their addictions and helping them get out of their traumas and the things that they’ve held on to for so long in their lives. We actually get to witness a miracle.”

On the shores of Puerto Morelos, this hotel was carefully crafted by Rohan and The Fives team to offer a sanctuary of tranquility. Recently, Rohan Marley sat down (virtually) with Haute Living to discuss the inspiration behind the  RoMarley Beachouse, the Sun House Retreat, and his vision for the future. 

Photo Credit: The Fives Oceanfront

What was your inspiration behind launching the RoMarley Beachouse? 

So that happened with a relationship I began about four years ago [with The Fives]. They said “Hey, Rohan, we’re opening up a new hotel and we have this space. What do you want to do with this space?” I had some ideas about creating my own movement, things that are derived from my philosophy of life as Rohan Marley. So when I saw the space, I was like, Yes, let’s do it. Because no one else was offering an opportunity to expand myself or my vision about life, love, and unity. 

Can you expand a little bit more like how you view life and how you’ve infused that into this experience?

Well, the philosophy of RoMarley Beach house is to create a retreat. It’s the sandal vibe, you know? And being in the Maya Riviera we’re tying it to the Caribbean and reggae music because that’s what I represent. I’m the Marley family, so, obviously, I come with music, I come with coffee, and a common philosophy. And those philosophies intertwine with the culture of Mexico, the culture of the Yucatan Peninsula, the Maya Riviera, and the Caribbean. When I say the Caribbean, I mean Jamaica, which is a part of this empire. So it’s just an extension of myself reaching out to my brothers across the water. That’s what inspired me the most. Kingston, Jamaica is also a fishing village, so we believe in the seaside because it’s about sustainability, it’s about revitalization, it’s about livelihood, it’s about maintaining the mangroves, being a part of the reef that’s right there within our region, and also to humanity and connecting to the Mayan tradition, and bringing that spirit together. So it’s just a perfect match, a perfect blend.

Photo Credit: The Fives Oceanfront

The RoMarley Beachouse has unique lettering on the brand. Can you explain the meaning behind it? 

So when we were creating the new RoMarley beach house, I wanted to do something very special and RoMarley is the name of Marley but if you notice that O, it has a symbol. And then when I wrote the beach house, you know how you spell B E A C H  H O U S E, the two H’s are together, right? So I thought it looked weird and I wanted to find a symbol in the heart that really could represent the two Hs. Then my friend from Europe is like “Rohan, you should use this one because it means house.” All I had to do was take away the little arm, the accent, and make it like this, with the two H’s reversed, and it meant house. And the R and the O with the symbol in the O means sun. So it became sun house, and with sun house, we created the Sun House Retreat, with Sharina [Gutierrez] leading the way and being the face and the essence. 

Can you tell us a little more about the Sun House Retreat? 

In everything we do, it’s about unity, and with the Sun House Retreat it’s about bringing people together; showing them an experience, the wonderful things to notice, the wonderful green lands, all of the forestry, all the caves, the snorkeling, the food, the taste, the culture, just being in that meditation and the vibration… it’s a special place. We call it the portal and we just want people to be a part of that because, in this time, people need this new inspiration and people want this vibration. I want it to feel like home for everyone.

Photo Credit: The Fives Oceanfront

For more information regarding The Fives Oceanfront, please visit their website here, and for the RoMarley Beachouse and the Sun House Retreat please visit the website here. But some traveler’s advice: book your vacation soon, this hotel won’t remain a secret for long!