JC Hite’s Insight: A Leader Should Be Worthy Enough To Be A Leader!

Written in partnership with Ascend

JC HitePhoto Credit: JC HiteJC Hite of Hite Digital is a name fast becoming popular in the marketing industry. What makes JC a commendable personality is his visionary approach to growing business. He believes “I want to become a leader who is actually worthy of leading people. And I want Hite to become an example to other companies in fighting for good in the world.” For someone with so many years of experience in business and banking, his enthusiasm for Hite Digital is equivalent to a teenage entrepreneur.

JC has a formal education in Business and Management from Harding University. For the most part, he grew up in Arkansas living in a trailer house. Currently based in Little Rock Metropolitan Area, he has his company operating from multiple locations across the States. Although one might be surprised to know that JC worked in the banking sector for a long time before completely switching to the Marketing realm. It all started in 2017 when he and his wife were expecting a baby in two months. And, while they were both earning decent 6 figure salaries, JC decided to pursue his passion for helping business grow. It was a spare bedroom in his apartment that became his office for the coming weeks. He and one of his colleagues started a dream, which in the present day churns out over a million dollars in revenue yearly.

However, the most successful marketing strategists usually develop a specific set of skills. These skills not only help them reach their customer needs better but also establish their strong presence in the market. Connecting with the customers is the key and this is what sets JC apart from his counterparts and rivals. In his own words, “In part, a focus on service sets me apart from others in my industry: by not just selling a product or a service that may or may not be needed. I and Hite Digital become a partner who serves, teaches, and supports, finding solutions and providing value instead of simply selling. I am all about people over profit.” As JC says, his biggest motivators are people, first his family and then his team.

When a product or service breaks down complicated requirements in a simple way, then it becomes priceless. But when the marketer has an eye for smaller details in his campaigns and strategies, it is even better. And JC is a stellar expert in this regard. It was a learning experience interacting with JC. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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