Michael Friend, The Entrepreneur Who’s Providing At-Home Spa Treatments With The Help Of Specialized Technology

Written in partnership with Umesh Agarwal

Michael FriendPhoto Credit: Michael FriendSince its launch, Spa Sciences has changed the skincare and beauty tool industries drastically. With their high-quality products, extremely affordable prices, and great customer service, it’s no secret how they’ve made it to the heights they have. And a big part of that goes back to co-founder Michael Friend, who, along with his business partners Lewis Hendler and Lila Friend, has truly created a one-of-a-kind brand.

As their motto goes, “Bring the spa home!” That’s exactly what their science-based products do for the skin, giving the feel of a luxury spa treatment in the comfort of one’s own home. This is achieved by extensive research and tests done to ensure customers are met with nothing but effective and durable products to help them reach their dream skin quicker.

Before he started Spa Sciences, Michael created Michael Todd Beauty, which he still runs. Though similar to Spa Sciences, this company focuses strictly on the face, and tools made for it. They also have a line of skincare products, like moisturizers, serums, masks, cleansers, and more, while Spa Sciences offers only tools.

When Michael was creating Spa Sciences, he used Michael Todd Beauty as a reference, to better understand what decisions would be beneficial and which ones would destroy the company. It was a lot of trial and error with the first company, but it greatly helped him in scaling the next. One can only wonder where Spa Sciences would be without Michael Todd Beauty.

Though the two companies are incredibly similar, they are still vastly different. Spa Sciences is much more affordable for the regular person, and won’t cause much of a dent in their pockets. This was one of the most important factors to take into consideration when Michael was creating the company.

His vision was to create something that helped men and women of all ages feel comfortable in their own skin while being affordable, yet showing results. And that’s exactly what his products have been doing, with over 1,400 reviews gaining each product four- and five-star ratings. This has all come as no surprise, considering the depth of effort that went into creating Spa Sciences’ products. And they aren’t done yet!

For the future, Michael has big plans for expanding his companies and their products and is continually thinking of new things to incorporate into his work. Currently, he’s working on getting two new products ready for release: lip plumper and an epilator. Though, as of now, it’s unknown when exactly they will be up on the website, but we can assume it will be sometime in the early months of the coming year.

For more updates, and to keep an eye out for the drop of those new items, head over to their Instagram, @SpaSciences, and website, SpaSciences.com. And for information regarding Michael’s other company, you can go to @MichaelToddBeauty on Instagram or to their website, MichaelToddBeauty.com.