Jason Halpern Sets New Standards For Giving Back Amongst Today’s Leading City Planners

In partnership with Thomas Herd

Jason HalpernPhoto Credit: Jason HalpernJason Halpern is the award-winning independent real estate developer known for tastefully refining and preserving historic districts.

Jason Halpern has always made a point to develop real estate with a purpose; Halpern is an award-winning independent real estate developer known for tastefully refining and preserving historic districts. It should come as no surprise that Halpern has been consistently donating masks and other PPE to Petra Nemcova’s All Hands and Hearts Foundation, a global partnership with Nick Rose Ntertsas & Global Wildlife Conservation, and other charitable foundations since the start of the pandemic.

Halpern’s position is simple. Many businesses in NYC and throughout America are in dire need of personal protective equipment. In general, Halpern has a strong desire to give back and has made a habit of it throughout his career. Further, many of the cities Halpern and his firm, JMH Development, do business in are suffering due to spiking cases and stay at home orders. This is precisely why Halpern is giving back. This is not a new endeavor for the independent real estate developer who has always tried to do real estate with a purpose.

In New York City, Brooklyn specifically, Halpern has separated himself from other real estate developers, as well as entrepreneurs, precisely by being thoughtful about his business. As the principal of JMH Development, Jason Halpern is known for tastefully refining historic districts while preserving the historic landmark statuses. Halpern and JMH Development were behind the renovation of 70 Henry Street, located in the famed historic district of Brooklyn Heights; this property was unanimously approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission in June of 2015. Halpern’s team was also responsible for the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, which is a collection of nine luxury townhouses originally constructed in the mid-1800s and situated in one of Brooklyn’s most historic and desirable neighborhoods. Upon completion in the summer of 2015, every townhome was purchased due to its historic authenticity, state-of-the-art amenities, and sound economics. Further, as an objective measure of Halpern’s ability to improve upon historic communities while preserving their integrity and landmark statuses, his 184 Kent project won the Building Brooklyn Award in 2011. This award is awarded by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce in order to recognize development companies who have completed a new project that improves the neighborhood.

Halpern’s business is not only contained to New York, however. JMH Development completely renovated the Aloft South Beach Hotel. Due to the sleek design and modern technological amenities, the Aloft South Beach was the winner of the 2015 Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) Award as the Select/Limited Service Development of the year.

Clearly, Halpern has always strived to add value to the communities he works in. Whether it’s through his real estate development or his charitable contributions, Halpern is striving to make a difference.