“Meat” The Chicago Steak Company, Prime American Beef Provider

Haute Living headed to the Windy City for a chat with Matt Crowley, owner of Chicago Steak Company, for a chat about the company’s origins, top-notch products, packaging measures, and how they have persevered through the current pandemic. See our Q&A with Crowley below.

Chicago Steak Company - June 2020 1Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chicago Steak Company

Haute Living: How did Chicago Steak Company start?

Matt Crowley: At Chicago Steak Company, we invite you to taste tradition. Since 1865 with the founding of the Union Stock Yards, Chicago has been at the heart of high-quality American meats. Chicago Steak Company proudly carries on that tradition. We specialize in hand-cut, Mid-West raised, USDA Prime beef – in short, the very best steaks your money can buy. We raise, trim, and age our steaks using centuries-old techniques, then vacuum-seal each individually, locking in flavor and freshness.

HL: What is the main difference between Chicago Steak Company and other meat providers?

MC: An exceptional customer experience – and that is achieved by a high-quality product and a team here that goes above and beyond for our clients. Chicago Steak Company specializes in USDA Prime beef (both wet and dry-aged options) which represent the top 3% of beef in the US. All our beef is aged at least 28 days which allows each steak to become more tender and flavorful. This is different than what you will get from most local butchers or meat providers.

We have a fundamental dedication to what’s best for the person on the other end of each transaction. That can be seen in many areas. Our commitment to education on Steak University (because we believe an educated consumer is a happier consumer – whether they buy from us or not). Our support of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society by raising money for that charity. Or our willingness to go above and beyond for our customers.

Chicago Steak Company - June 2020 2Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chicago Steak Company

HL: What packaging measures are taken in order to ensure the quality is up to standard when it arrives at its destination?

MC: Great care goes into the packaging of each order here at Chicago Steak Company. Our aged steaks are all hand-cut by artisan butchers and then individually vacuum sealed to lock in the flavor and ensure optimal quality. Those steaks are then placed in our black & gold gift boxes and wrapped in butcher paper to ensure the presentation of our product matches the quality. Each gift box is placed inside a Styrofoam cooler and packed with dry ice to ensure the shipment stays frozen during its transit. Here is a video showing how an order is packaged:

HL: How did the business adapt to the recent health pandemic?

MC: The recent health pandemic created major challenges for all businesses including the beef industry. The first, and most important, has been to ensure the health and safety of each team member here. We immediately implemented measures to keep workers a safe working distance apart, reinforced and increased cleaning regimens, and implemented a telework program for our customer service team.

At the same time, the US beef market experienced severe shortages resulting in bare grocery store shelves, and some fast-food chains even removing burgers off their menu due to lack of supply. Fortunately, our strong ties in the supply chain enabled us to continue to source product throughout this pandemic to consistently service our clients.

For more on the Chicago Steak Company, visit https://www.mychicagosteak.com/