Meet The Dermatologist Shaking Up SF’s Medspa Scene

Dr. Campbell enjoying her warm and inviting waiting space

When you meet Dr. Caren Campbell, the first thing you notice is her beautiful green eyes. The second thing you observe is her glowing luminescent skin. She’s one of those people that makes you wonder, “what is her secret?” To answer that question, all you have to do is book an appointment at her relatively new namesake practice in downtown San Francisco.

Products and treatments are supported by science

As an MD and certified dermatologist who spent 12 years learning from the nation’s top doctors, Campbell is an expert in all things skin, and she’s shaking up the SF medspa industry. “I’m not just treating acne scars, wrinkles, and brown spots,” Campbell explains from her clean and contemporary office. “I can treat Melanoma. I can treat Lupus. The man who trained me is the world’s top specialist in Lupus, which is an auto-immune disease. I want people to understand that I see medical patients. I love medical dermatology, and I’m good at it.”

Dr. Campbell trying out a product

Worried if those brown spots are melanoma? Wondering how to get rid of those acne scars for good? Considering cool sculpting to get rid of that post-baby flab? Campbell can help you with all of these issues and then some. She performs cancer checks and everything in between, plus classic cosmetic services like Botox, Fraxel, fillers, and Kybella. Campbell stands out in a sea of medspa practitioners because she teaches fellow doctors and nurses how to use injectables like Dysport, and she experiences all of her treatments before servicing anyone. This ensures she provides excellent care. “It’s the best way to counsel,” Campbell explains. “Every complication. Every side effect. I tell you about it. I know if you’re going be tender and sore to touch.”

Dr. Campbell MD, FAAD

Although she does plenty of cosmetic procedures, Campbell doesn’t consider her business a medspa. Instead, she views it as a new type of modern dermatology office where each patient is given specialized care that caters to their personal needs. Providing one-on-one care is her thing, and she gets to know every person who walks through her office door.

The relaxing reception nook

Speaking of the office door, another thing that makes Campbell unique is the fact that her office doesn’t feel like a typical doctor’s office. It’s a relaxing and ethereal space—her friend interior designer, Homan Rajai, helped design the office—with wallpaper from Phillip Jefferies and books by local writers and chefs. There is no receptionist. Instead, Campbell or her assistant greet clients. Highly customized care and beautiful office space? Who would say no to that? This is Campbell’s secret. She’s built a practice doing exactly what she wants the way she wants. “I like not being hurried and rushed,” she says. “I like the one-on-one interaction. This is what makes me happy.”

All images courtesy of Dr. Caren Campbell.