Lily Kwong & Visionaire Launch Botanical Garden Installation At Cadillac House

Stylish landscape designer Lily Kwong, along with Visionaire, invites you on her latest artistic journey, Summer in Winter, and you’re not going to want to miss it. This botanical garden installation by Studio Lily Kwong is located at Cadillac House, where species and typologies from 37 countries and 7 continents merge to create a gorgeous display. Within the dense urban reality of concrete and commerce, this installation conjures the impossible.

Lily Kwong Visionaire Cadillac House NYCPhoto Credit: Plamen Petkov

“My name is Lily Kwong, founder of Studio Lily Kwong. I’m an alchemist, a landscape designer, a humanist. My purpose is to reconnect people to nature. My medium is plant life. My magic is creating bespoke environments that combine botany, urban planning, architecture and visual arts. My mission is to create cultural impact through the lens of natural world. Welcome to Summer in Winter, where everything imaginable happens.”

Visionaire x Lily Kwong Summer in Winter by Plamen Petkov_1Photo Credit: Plamen Petkov

Here, opposites collide as “summer” blooms in “winter,” tropical palms thrive on Hudson Street, and plant medicine rituals from the Amazon basin can be heard merging with the sounds of New York City. Botanically, the landscape highlights ferns from Australia, flowering plants from the tropical Americas, rainforest trees considered sacred by Buddhists, succulents native to Southern Africa, and cycads known as living fossils. The planting palette is a celebration of diversity, equatorial beauty, and rich environmental and cultural histories.

To see more of Kwong’s past gorgeous work, be sure to check out her secret summer garden where alcohol grew on trees in Los Angeles.

Location: 330 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013