Country Music Star Sara Evans Dishes On Her Latest Album, New Label And Her Frustration With Today’s Country Music

It has been more than 20 years since her debut as a country recording artist, and Sara Evans is still going strong. Last year, she released her ninth album, Words, under her own label, Born to Fly Records. Earlier this year, she headlined the Next Women of Country Tour with Raelynn and Kalie Shorr.

Evans is currently on tour and once again preparing for another holiday season of her popular, limited-engagement At Christmas Tour. We caught up recently with the Missouri native to discuss her latest album, new label and why she can’t relate to bro-country.

Sara EvansPhoto Credit: Kristin Barlowe

There are 14 different female songwriters (including you) featured on your latest album, Words, that features incredibly emotional lyrics. Was that the inspiration behind the album’s name?

I always wait until an album is done before naming it and usually name it after one of the songs. I thought Words was good for many reasons. Our world is constantly divided over different topics and I find it astonishing how people can be sometimes. I love the song because it talks about how a couple was starting out and were only using kind words. Then, as the relationship goes on, they used mean words, which caused the demise of their relationship. You can always be kind.

The naming of Words was also for my frustration with country music. Every song doesn’t have to use lyrics that include dirt road, trucks and tight jeans. We need to focus on better lyrics and get back to better words. These words are not something I can relate to. I feel like the lyrics on my albums are all great. Another thing I am asked is, did I choose these songwriters because they were women. I would never discriminate against male songwriters and would never also give favor to female songwriters. I didn’t know who wrote the songs until the album was done. I didn’t want to know who wrote them before because I wanted to love the songs naturally and organically.

This was your first album on your Born to Fly label. Was going out on your own something you always wanted to do?

No, not really. I loved being with RCA, but when they were playing the top 50 country songs, there were just two women. It was no longer conducive for me to be on a big label. I knew if I wanted to be on country music, it would be easier for me to create my own label. My music sounds nothing like the bro-country crap you hear on the radio today.

Sara EvansPhoto Credit: Kristin Barlowe

How has your family’s passion for music help you emerge as the artist you are today?

It’s our life. My son graduated high school last May and is an amazing guitarist, who plays in my band. He goes through phases where he was obsessed with Led Zeppelin and now he is obsessed with The Eagles. He learns everything about them. He has given me a fresh new spark. To watch Avery come up and discover music has given me a ton of inspiration.

You have had five No. 1 singles and countless American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music Association, CMT and Grammy Award nominations. How have you been able to balance life on the road with your family?

I mostly tour on weekends so they can come with me. It was a lot harder when they were younger because I didn’t want to miss anything. My daughter Olivia is 15 and Audrey is 14, so it’s definitely easier now because they are more scheduled, but it does take a lot of organization.