Kalie Shorr Dishes On Touring With Sara Evans And RaeLynn On The CMT Next Women Of Country Tour

Kalie ShorrPhoto Credit: Kalie Shorr

Imagine writing country songs as a little girl in Portland, Maine, at 16 years old posting cover songs and then having Perez Hilton call you up after seeing them and invite you to play at his birthday party. That’s just what happened to Kalie Shorr, who is now on the nationwide CMT Next Women of Country Tour with Sara Evans and RaeLynn.

The mature-beyond-her-years Portland, Maine native released her EP Awake last month, which isn’t a surprise at her success at just 23 years old since she has been writing songs since she was six. Just two years ago, she released The Y2K Mixtape, an eight-song collection of some of Shorr’s earliest music that led to her becoming 2016’s second best-selling debut female in all of country music (behind only Grammy-winner Maren Morris).

Her brand new single, “Two Hands” resulted in Shorr’s critically acclaimed EP – AWAKE – which debuted at #12 on the iTunes country sales chart. Keep an eye out for her this weekend when she takes us behind the scenes of their current tour on the CMT Hot 20 Countdown with Cody Alan.

Kalie ShorrPhoto Credit: Quinton Cook

We caught up with Shorr last night to chat about her life now in Nashville, touring with Sara Evans and RaeLynn and why she is so grateful to Perez Hilton.

What’s it like being a New Englander in Nashville?

It’s warmer, so that’s definitely nice! Nashville is such an interesting city that has a lot more to offer. I have been here for four and a half years and it feels completely like home. The only thing Nashville doesn’t have is the beach, but that’s why I love going back to Portland.

Why do you think your song “Fight Like A Girl” became such a sensation?

I always call it ‘the little song that could.’ I was so blessed to have a song that people are so passionate about. When SiriusXM picked it up, I heard stories about women struggling in different ways. Some were in abusive relationships, others were struggling with infertility or in the military and they told stories of how the song helped them.

Kalie ShorrPhoto Credit: Kalie Shorr

How did the opportunity come about with Sara Evans to join the fourth annual CMT Next Women of Country Tour?

That has been crazy and is still sinking in for me. CMT has been a huge champion for women, so to get to be on this tour really is a ‘pinch me’ moment.

Sara EvansPhoto Credit: CMT

You played in Medford, Mass. last weekend. any favorite places you like to go when visiting Boston?

We went to The Lighthouse Cafe in Medford and had a grilled blueberry muffin. They don’t have them in the south. Our waitress, Patty, was so nice. I have always loved Boston. It has always felt like a second home to me.

What’s it like to be on the road with Sara and RaeLynn?

I have always been a huge fan of Sara Evans. She sings some amazing songs. RaeLynn has been super supportive of me for a long time. I have been having a great time on tour. I love when Sara, RaeLynn and I all get together and sing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’

Kalie and RaeLynnPhoto Credit: Kalie Shorr

Who has been your biggest musical inspiration?

I have two. The first concert I ever went to, I saw the Dixie Chicks, and Michelle Branch opened for them at Madison Square Garden. They both have so much to do with the music I make at 23 years old.

Tell us about that time you crashed Perez Hilton’s birthday party.

(Laughs) When I was 16, I posted lots of cover songs. I did a sarcastic take on “Friday” by Rebecca Black and Perez saw it. He got in touch with me and I thought at first it was someone posing as him, but then he flew me to his birthday party in LA where I met Kim Kardashian that night in 2011 and opened for the Backstreet Boys. He has such a great ear for music and has been so supportive of me that I am so grateful.

Kalie ShorrPhoto Credit: Quinton Cook