Step Inside Cartier Parfums’ First Ever Pop-Up In New York City

Mille Facettes 2Photo Credit: Cartier

To celebrate the launch of Cartier Carat, Cartier Parfums has brought its very first pop-up to the heart of SoHo. Cartier Parfums pop-up is an olfactory journey, where shoppers will be able to experience Cartier Carat created by in-house Perfumer Mathilde Laurent, and other Cartier Parfums.

The pop-up will be open to the public from October 5 to November 4 from 11am to 7pm daily and features permanent fixtures including the Fragrance Fountains, the Mantra Wall, the Olfactory Red Boxes, Pasha Men’s Grooming demos, and the revolutionary Mille Facettes – A Thousand facets installation. The Maison Cartier introduces a unique, multi-sensorial, immersive experience created by designers of the London-based Bureau of Extraordinary Affairs.

The installation invites the visitor into an architectural prism in which light is diffracted into a myriad of colored vibrations. As an expression of the perfumer’s creative process, the experience begins and ends with white light from which emanate polychromatic waves punctuated by flashes of vivid luminosity. Each ephemeral, individual olfactory note can be distinguished for a brief instant before joining the composition.

Mille Facettes 1[1]Photo Credit: Cartier

To create this visual effect, Bureau of Extraordinary Affairs closely studied light diffraction in the facets of a “baguette-cut” diamond. In exposing the spectrum of colors, an optical field of reflections is created, filled with infinite depth. This, according to Mathilde Laurent, is very similar to the sensations derived from an olfactory composition.

Diffracted by lens panels positioned at many different angles, the light moves with and around the visitor, conversing with him like an iridescent halo, the same way a perfume surrounds the person wearing it.

Lenses will capture the visitor’s experience from several angles. At the end, each visitor will receive a video of his experience inside the installation, enabling him to visualize the different colors of the Carat scent that deployed around him, like flowering rainbow.

In addition, guests are invited to participate in workshops including:

Friday evenings: Tiara bun bar
Saturday afternoons: Flower workshops
Saturday afternoons: Bottle engraving
Sunday morning: Scented meditation

Shoppers will also have the opportunity to participate in “Your Chance to Shine” contest, entering a chance to win a Cartier Diamant Leger necklace. In addition to the necklace, the winner will receive an exclusive VIP treatment at the NYC Cartier Mansion.

Located at 120 Wooster Street, SoHo