Il Makiage Opens First Miami-Based Store At Dadeland Mall

IL MAKIAGE recently opened its doors to South Florida with their first-ever Miami-based store in the Dadeland Mall. The upscale makeup line caters to “high maintenance” women, a once derogatory term but now represents an image of women who know exactly what they want. This attitude shines a light on a new-age maximalist movement.

The new, unapologetic makeup brand was tired of the overused idea that the “cool girl” had to be a cute, hilarious guy’s girlfriend. IL MAKIAGE also did not particularly favor the notion of the “cool girl” fulfilling someone else’s minimalistic ideals of beauty.

Il MakiagePhoto Credit: Il Makiage

To resolve this lopsided trend, IL MAKIAGE speaks directly to confident women. Women who are ready for both business and pleasure. Women who simply refuse to apologize for being, well, a woman! IL MAKIAGE has managed to break down barriers between bold makeup lovers, feminists and everyone in between.

According to Oran Holtzman, the company’s Co-Founder and CEO, “the brand’s distinctive DNA and ‘100% High Maintenance’ message is not about wealth, possessions, or putting anyone else down, but rather about celebrating the powerful, intelligent, strong, driven women who know exactly what they’re worth, and demand to be treated accordingly. We spent the last five years developing products that would live up to her high standards.”

The brother-sister duo that founded IL MAKIAGE discovered how to manufacture and distribute renowned makeup used by celebrities and professional makeup artists. This exclusive makeup was hidden from millions of women who have equally high standards. Since their initial launch in 2013, IL MAKIAGE has teamed up with hundreds of professional makeup artists to create and launch a product that was uniquely superior to any product they had ever used.