Three Of The Sexiest Cigar Spots In Atlanta

Imagine walking into a room and instantly becoming enticed by the dim-lit, seductive atmosphere of swanky furnishings and the aroma of cigars. You walk up to the bar and order a glass of red wine and while you wait, you subconsciously begin swaying to the hypnotic sounds overhead. As you look around, you notice everyone else enjoying the ambiance and good company. Sounds like your type of party?

While there are numerous cigar lounges and clubs in Atlanta, there are only a few that provide the perfect blend of sexy and sophistication. Get ready as we dive into three of the sexiest cigar spots in the city.

Trilogy Cigar Lounge

trilogy4Photo Credit: Trilogy Cigar Lounge

When you first step into Trilogy, you may immediately be consumed by the masculine energy this place naturally exudes, but when you look a little closer, you’ll see little traces of a woman’s touch. With the slogan “Welcome to the Zoo,” the two-story cigar lounge feels like an exclusive club thanks to its box-like space that gives an intimate feeling.

Gold adorns the main wall of the lower level while also making appearances in the form of deer heads throughout the lounge. Deep red takes on the form of plush pillows and an ornate chandelier hanging in the center of the room. Playing on the word trilogy, the menu is perfectly curated as each meal includes libations and a cigar that are perfectly paired together. Trilogy can best be described as sophistication with an edge.

Location: 375 B Luckie St. NW Atlanta, GA 30313

Cigar City Club

cigar-city-clubPhoto Credit: Cigar City Club

If you ever want to escape to another time, Cigar City Club is the place for you. With brown leather chairs, extravagant yet dim lighting, and a grand piano you are instantly transported to a 1920s speakeasy where the bar is carefully centered in the midst of the action.

As you walk in, you are immediately met by steps that will lead you up to the main level where the bar and humidor are located as well as most of the seating. In addition, guests also have the choices to sit in either the Rat Pack room or Churchill room, both located on the lower level and the patio. While Cigar City Club is a premier cigar destination, the food is equally famous with exquisite dishes such as grilled lobster tails and fine steaks. While anyone is welcomed, it is a semi-private establishment and members can have their own personal humidor where they can store their own cigars and wine.

Location: 5006 Rosewell Road Atlanta, GA 30342

Habanos Cigar Lounge

Habanos_slide3Photo Credit: Habanos Cigar Lounge

At first glance Habanos may look like your typical bar, but once you settle in you’ll notice the detailed artwork displayed throughout the space evoking a sophisticated feel. Located in the historic Castleberry Hills, the tobacconist lounge appeals to a more artistic, yet chic crowd, as it has become a destination for individuals in creative industries.

Whether you grab a seat at the bar or on one of their fine leather sofas, it all feels like one big soiree thanks to the openness of the room. If you’re a cigar connoisseur, you have the option of obtaining a locker membership where you can store your personal cigar collection. Otherwise you can peruse the lounge’s humidor that offers a wide-range of premium cigars. Live music sets the tone as guests enjoy cigars along with crafty cocktails that Habanos signifies as taking your experience to a level of art.

Location: 301 Peters St. SW Atlanta, GA 30313