One-On-One With Priscilla Burstyn, Co-Founder Of The Gibson Collective, On Fashion, Jewelry And Starting Your Own Business

The Gibson CollectivePhoto Credit: Heather Funk

Haute Living sits down with Priscilla Burstyn, co-founder of The Gibson Collective, to talk about the launch of her and her partner, Stefani Greenspan‘s new jewelry line. She shares where the idea came from, who the girls are behind the brand, what The Gibson Collective embodies, her favorite jewlery pieces, tips for starting your own business and so much more.

HL: Tell us about The Gibson Collective. Who are the girls behind it?

PB: Ever since I was a little girl, I would always watch my mother get dressed, and it was like a religious act. She would come in, she would hang her outfit on the closet door, she would take a shower, she’d blow-dry her hair into a sassy bob. She would sit down in front of her makeup chair, line her lips, pucker them up, blow a kiss to the mirror—it was actually very funny to watch. [It’s] where I believe the selfie probably started. I would watch this whole process take place. At the very end, she would lay out her jewelry and you would see everything come together. From the statement earrings to the charm bracelets, Bermuda shorts and a crisp white collared shirt to the chunky cable knit sweater everything was big and bold. I was always impressed by the confidence that left that dressing table. As I grew up, I made it my fashion mission to blend bold with minimal heirloom pieces . My style was never in unison. I just wore what I felt, wore what I loved and meshed the pieces. Behind the Gibson Collective, we took that modern-nostalgia and just gave it a modern presence. We wanted our girls to be able to have something you could pass down from generation to generation, where it’s not just a trendy piece of jewelry but something with relevance. That’s one of our hashtags, #jewelrywithmeaning.

The Gibson CollectivePhoto Credit: Heather Funk

HL: What makes your jewelry unique?

PB: We’re modern nostalgia with a strong sense of empowerment. There is a story behind every piece. Our jewelry ties us to history. Charles Dana Gibson was a portrait artist with an iconic representation of the beautiful and independent American woman at the turn of the 20th Century. His muses were known as “The Gibson Girls.”

The Gibson CollectivePhoto Credit: Heather Funk

HL: Who’s your target audience?

PB: Girls who get it “ Ageless.” Our pieces are heirloom quality and meant to be passed on for generations.

HL: What are some of your everyday go-to pieces?

PB: I would say for Stefani, 100 percent statement hoops and red lipstick—that’s always been her thing. As for me, I would say a signet ring. I’m just obsessed with nails, hands, fingers. It says so much about a person from their personal style to the stories they have to tell.

The Gibson CollectivePhoto Credit: Heather Funk

HL: What’s your best piece of advice for someone starting their own business?

PB: Do it. You have to start somewhere (laughs). Do it, don’t speak it, and just go for it.

HL: What was the toughest part?

PB: The beginning. Initially saying okay—waking up, and being like I’m doing this. Talking about it is great and everybody I think has the ability to talk about it. It’s actually physically getting up and saying, ‘I’m putting this together, this is happening.’

The Gibson CollectivePhoto Credit: Heather Funk