Immerse Yourself In Visionaire’s Multisensory Maze At The Cadillac House

AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_2Photo Credit: Plamen Petkov

From April 10 – June 10, New Yorkers and visitors alike are invited to The Cadillac House to experience Visionaire’s AMAZE, a collaboration installation by RDC/AAL and Sahra Motalebi. This serpentine cycle of four discrete spaces buzz with optical and auditory patterns and illusions, heightening each of your senses.

Each room of the labyrinthine installation stirs with life, woven with uncanny echoes and intricate sounds. Throughout, RDC/AAL and Motalebi deploy graphic and sonic motifs which augment and intensify the overall space with a vibratory energy, creating a vivid experience of multisensory exploration.

AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_1Photo Credit: Plamen Petkov

Visitors are drawn into the maze by a devoid otherworldly space which boasts an immersive shimmering cylinder in the center. Low-pitched drone sounds billow through the metal veil, revealing a light source with unidentified qualities. Standing within the curtain, one is shielded from their surroundings, visible from the outside as only an ominous silhouette.

Guests will then make their way to the hall of mirrors, where one door presents a unique illusion when the doorbell is pressed. The end of the hall opens into a black-and-white-patterned room, that is filled with shrieking sounds overhead.

AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_6Photo Credit: Plamen Petkov

Lastly, attendees will transition into a series of compact spaces, each with their own hue where saturated windows offer a glimpse at friends and guests around the corner and spaces just traveled. Abstract avant-garde muzak-inspired sounds whisper guests to the exit, while echoes from the maze overflow the entire space.

The exhibit is open to the public and located at The Gallery at Cadillac House at 330 Hudson Street, NYC, NY 10013.