Celeb Party Planner Melissa Andre’s Tips For Hosting An Epic Award Show Viewing Party

Melissa Andre

If you’re planning to host a glam award show viewing party this season, we’ve got you covered. We tapped celebrity party planning extraordinaire Melissa Andre and asked her to share her top tips for hosting a memorable bash. Andre is known as the queen of luxe, over-the-top events and has planned parties for the likes of The Weeknd, Drake, DJ Khaled, and Ronda Rousey just to name a few. It’s safe to say you’re in good (party planning) hands.

Get In The Spirit With A Black Tie Dress Code

“There is plenty of room for casual party platters and catching up with friends in your sweatpants but awards season viewing parties are the perfect opportunity for a black tie dress code! Enjoy the red carpet fashion in your own formal attire. Serve champagne and have a real Hollywood night. If you’re up for it, send a formal paper invitation in the mail to really set the tone for the evening.”

Get Your Facts Right

“Make sure to have all the categories and nominees printed so that your guests can follow along while you watch the awards show (and even predict who the winner will be!).”

Mix Up Your Guest List

“The best way to bring a new energy to your party is with new people! Although you’re likely to have your top five friends who you invite to absolutely everything you do, invite some fresh faces, or better yet, ask your old friends to invite someone you’ve never met. Maybe one of your new friends will be a total expert on past awards shows, be obsessed with a certain movie you haven’t seen with, or have their own take on the best and worst dressed on the red carpet.”

Serve Unexpected Drinks

“Most of us reserve ordering fancy or complex cocktails for when we’re out at a bar or restaurant and opt for more simple potions like wine when we’re at home but awards season viewing parties are the perfect occasion to put a little more effort into your cocktail recipes. Get the ingredients, garnishes, and glassware together for some old Hollywood favorites like The Ginger Rogers or The Marilyn Monroe (recipes below).

The Marilyn Monroe



Apple brandy


Maraschino cherries


The Ginger Rogers


Mint leaves

Ginger-pepper syrup


Lemon juice

Ice cubes