New York Weekend Roundup: Dining, Drinks, and Dinner Treats

Fall has taken New York by storm, with temperatures plummeting and people trading in their shorts and tees for knit henlys and coats. It’s also been a time for great movement in the New York food and drink scene, with new locales opening and old favorites closing every day. To keep up with some of the biggest movements in our favorite fall activity, eating and drinking, here are our updates.

Milk Bar Brings Back The Thanksgiving Croissant


craving stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce & gravy?! us too! thanksgiving croissants are BACK!!! ?

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Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar has long been a go-to for New Yorkers looking to stock up on treats for hunkering down in the cold weather. With favorite sweets like the Birthday Cake Truffles or Crack Pie, Milk Bar’s newest launch is a savory, portable, Thanksgiving dinner to take on the go with their Thanksgiving Croissants. According to the restaurants, the item is a stuffing flavored bread, filled with gravy, roasted turkey, and cranberry sauce. While anywhere else we’d be backing away slowly, we have no doubt that if anyone was going to nail this, it’d be Milk Bar.

Location: Multiple Locations

The Grey Lady Offers “Drunk Yoga” Classes


For anyone who has ever thought, “I shouldn’t go to yoga, I’m not flexible and everyone’s going to laugh,” this class if for you. Eli Walker, an experienced yoga instructor in New York, has partnered with The Grey Lady on a new project meant to ease newcomers into the beginning sequences of yoga though a number of methods that include drinking, properly dubbed, “Drunk Yoga”. “I’ve had a lot of people, whether in classes, or friends, or people I met at parties say something like, ‘I’d love to try yoga but I can’t because I’m not flexible, or too afraid I’d look stupid,'” Walker said in an interview with Gothamist. “I thought it would be fun to turn yoga into more of a party. If I made it into a game it would make people more comfortable.”

Location: 77 Delancey Street

Absolute Bagels Closes, And Reopens, After Damning Health Report


For all true New Yorkers, a good bagel is worth its weight in gold. And finding a bagel place that becomes your bagel place, can be even more important. After damning health reports two weeks ago from the Health Department that forced the bagel place uptown to shut its doors, Absolute Bagels has reopened, asking New Yorkers to trust it once again with its Sunday morning hangover cures. While GrubStreet recently called Absolute the second-best bagel in the entire city, recovering from a report like this one, which detailed food not being kept properly, evidence of vermin, and a lack of cleanliness, is a daunting task for any restaurant. This is not another run-down New York restaurant though, these bagel places are some of the core values New Yorkers hold dearest, from hedge fund managers to college juniors. We hope Absolute Bagels has gotten it together, and are eager to see what the future has in store for one of Manhattans best bagel spots.

Location: 2788 Broadway