Where To Find The Best Truffle Fries In Miami

Miami is a city of indulgence, so it’s only fitting that the hottest restaurants in town whip up tasty dishes with decadent ingredients—particularly, our favorite—truffle, and lots of it! Here’s a look at some of our favorite spots in Miami that offer the best truffle-rich fries in the city in an atmosphere that can’t be beat.

Soho Beach House

Soho Beach House truffle fries

Photo Credit: Haute Living

The exclusive members’ restaurant at Soho Beach House offers a mouth-watering platter of parmesan truffle fries that are a must-try. They definitely don’t skimp out on the freshly-grated truffles, either!


Prime 112

The legendary steakhouse is famous for its rich, decadent plates and it’s a given that they would offer some of the best truffle fries in the city. Pair these with a juicy prime rib and a glass of red wine and you’re set for the perfect dinner.


STK Miami

STK truffle friesPhoto Credit: Instagram: @eatstk

STK‘s extra thick-cut parmesan truffle fries will not disappoint. They come out presented like Jenga blocks, but they’ll quickly disappear because one bite into these will kick your tastebuds into overdrive as they burst with rich flavor.


MC Kitchen

Mc Kitchen truffle friesPhoto Credit: Instagram: @mckitchenmiami

The stunning Italian restaurant in the Miami Design District is famous for its rich, flavorful cuisine. And their “Aspen’s Famous” parmesan truffle fries are no exception—they infallibly continue to rank at the top as some of the best truffle dishes in Miami. But be careful not to fill up too much, because the rest of the menu is oh-so-worth it.