New Fitness Studio Belleon Body Will Leave You Dripping In Sweat


New Chelsea fitness studio, Belleon Body, created by Madonna’s ex-husband, Carlos Leon, & celeb trainer Jeff Bell will have you HIIT obsessed. You may have thought this fitness centric part of the city had enough boutique studios, but this new addition is just what the neighborhood needed.

Promising an equally effective class in half the time, their signature 30 minute Belleon Level I class will kick your ass and you will love each and every minute of it. In just that amount of time you will get a full body and core workout while you go through their signature movement sequence that will burn maximum fat and calories and strengthen and tone over 600 muscle groups. You will get sweaty, you will be sore, but most importantly you will see results.

Their next stand out class is Primal- inspired by animal movements this class will tap into your primal instincts to get your body moving in ways you’ve never felt or experienced before. Focusing on flexibility, mobility, and balance, this workout will leave you drenched with sweat.

After getting a taste of the two above signature classes, I was fortunate enough to speak with both Carlos and Jeff about Belleon, HIIT training, and advice for those looking to step up their workout routine.


How does HIIT training differ than any other type of workout?

The difference between HIIT training and your traditional workouts is that with HIIT you do short periods of give it your all work followed by short periods of active rest to keep the body working harder. 

How would you describe the types of classes at Belleon?

We are a HIIt training gym, mostly. We do have other styles of Belleon classes, like our signature 30 min class. It’s not your typical HIIT workout because we involve sequences that we have researched and experimented with our own bodies and those of our clients.  We don’t need any equipment just you!

How would you convince someone who was hesitant to try out HIIT training? 

I would tell them more work load in a shorter period of time which means faster results. And long term benefits lean muscle mass, weight loss, and cardio conditioning. 

What advice would you give to a female who is resistant to weight training? 

Weight training is more effective for fat loss. More muscle, more calories expenditure, curves, quality of sleep. It increases your energy, bone health, stress reliever and lean muscle mass.. Pure sexiness!

What are the long term and short term benefits?

Short term benefits you will look leaner faster but the long term benefits are amazing from fat burnin to building cardiovascular system, mobility, strength, flexibility, agility, and awareness of your body which builds confidence. What else can you ask for?

How many classes do you suggest a person takes a week? 

I recommend 3 classes/days a week. 

What type of diet would be best if HIIT training was your main form of exercise? 

What is important you always need to keep a balance diet. If you eat meat then eat lean meats, leafy greens, and processed food is a no no!! Also, SUGAR! It’s our worst enemy. Your ABS start in the kitchen in food you really have to look at what your eating and what your kids eat. Educate yourself on what your putting into your body.

What other types of workouts would you have someone integrate into their weekly routine? 

Pilates, yoga, cycling, weight training!! The body has to constantly move and change is amazing for it. 

To learn more about Belleon Body and to book a class, check out the website here.