The Best Places To Indulge In Truffle Fries

Hungry for crisp, hot, and salty truffle fries? Why not pair them with a glass of extra dry rose? We promise we won’t call you basic because the pairing of frites and rose is a classic! Here’s where we go when we’re in the mood for piping hot truffle French fries.


Park Tavern is simply a standby for many things, from excellent chocolate cake to a sensational brunch. Now we’re adding truffle fries to the list of reasons why we love this North Beach restaurant. Thin fries are sprinkled with a generous shaving of fresh black truffle. Instead of boring ketchup, the fries come with a soft-cooked egg and caviar for dipping. It’s pure delicious decadence!


At Bluestem Brasserie, Kennebec potatoes are used to make their fries. Adding truffles costs a little more, but it’s worth the extra few dollars. A layer of parmesan cheese takes these truffle fries to a whole new level.


Buffalo Theory on Polk Street’s fries are finger-licking good. We like to think of them as an upscale and fancy version of McDonald’s classic fries. They are super hot and drizzled with truffle oil, pecorino romano cheese, and chives. An inventive yuzu chive aioli cuts the richness of the fries. There’s also a house made king trumpet mushroom aioli dip that emphasizes the mushroom flavor of the fries.


Roam Artisan Burgers is one of our favorite fast casual restaurants in the Bay Area. The team is killing it with their satisfying burgers, creamy shakes, and addictive fries—so much so that Roam is opening two new locations before the end of the year. The burger joint is setting up shop in uptown Oakland and downtown San Mateo. That means you’ll be able to enjoy Roam’s truffle parmesan fries whenever you’re in the South and East Bays. Sweet!


Speaking of the East Bay, another great spot that serves up terrific truffle fries is Belly in Oakland. From duo Alan Chaun and Alice Woo, Belly fuses the laid-back Mexican food found in San Diego with Korean flavors. The truffle fries, which aren’t too greasy, are toped with parmesan and herbs. This crowd-pleasing side also has just the right amount of crisp.