A Pretty In Pink Cocktail To Kick Start The Weekend

Pink Party Littet (4 of 5)

San Francisco’s annual Indian summer—when the weather finally heats up during the months of September and October—calls for a light, fruity, and versatile spirit, something perfect for sipping in the lingering warmth on a golden afternoon. Lillet, a traditional French aperitif that consists of wine blended with artisanal fruit liqueurs, is the epitome of sun-soaked spirits. There are three types of Lillet: Blanc, Rouge, and Rosé, made respectively with white, red, and rosé wine. It’s slightly sweet with a syrupy texture that’s not cloying, but full-bodied and lovely. Lillet can be enjoyed on the rocks, mixed with tonic or sparkling water to make a spritzer, or as a sweetener in a creative cocktail.

Inside Ginger's bar
Inside Ginger’s bar

At Ginger’s, the newest bar from the team behind Bourbon & Branch, Rickhouse, Tradition, and Pagan Idol, manager Michael Sedlacek uses Lillet Rosé in a festive libation called Pink Party. It’s a potent mixture of gin and vodka with the Lillet as the base of the drink. Housemade falernum, a spice syrup that’s typically associated with Tiki drinks, adds a fragrant note to the beverage that’s finished with a dash of hibiscus, Peychaud’s bitters, and orange flower water.

Pink Party
Pink Party

The Pink Party is served up in a martini glass, making it resemble the wildly popular drink of the 90s, the Cosmopolitan. That’s on purpose because Ginger’s, a downstairs bar with eclectic decor, small tables, and a ceiling covered with upside down umbrellas has a throwback feel—it’s an homage to the LGBT bars that once dominated the city’s nightlife scene. A DJ and projector showing gay-friendly films ensures that the atmosphere is lively and vibrant, even on a Tuesday night. Try the Pink Party at home or in the bar today.

Pink Party

From Michael Sedlacek at Ginger’s

1.5 ounces Lillet Rosé
1 ounce gin
.5 ounce vodka
.25 ounce housemade falernum
.25 ounce hibiscus
2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
2 dashes orange flower water

In a cocktail shaker, combine all of the ingredients with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Enjoy immediately.