Haute Ambassador Lisa Hochstein Shares Her Pro Summer Beauty Tips

lisa hochstein and gianluca vacchi at Hochstein MedSpa
Lisa Hochstein and Gianluca Vacchi at Hochstein MedSpa

Photo Credit: Lisa Hochstein

Miami summers—although beautiful—are scorching hot. You can’t stress over the things you can’t control, such as bad hair days, melting makeup and the barely-there clothing the humidity will create for you. It’s also a pretty good bet you won’t be able to escape a social activity that requires a swimsuit—and you’ll of course want to look your very best!

I personally step up my workout routine and diet during these months, drink more water, limit salty and sugary foods and maintain a curated beauty regime that has helped me look my best—even in the most unbearable Miami heat.

Here are my top tips that I swear by to stay gorgeous all summer long:

1. Brazilian keratin treatment: When I first moved to Miami, my hair was completely uncontrollable, and not even a good blowout could hold up in this humidity until I discovered keratin—my tresses’ secret weapon against the moisture-filled air.

2. Laser Hair Removal: This quick treatment keeps unwanted hair off your body and smoothes your skin. Treatments are noninvasive and work best if you have dark hair and light skin. When opting for laser hair removal, there are two big mistakes that people often make: a. not seeing someone who is licensed or certified with experience; b. not returning enough times to complete the full treatment. You can rest assured our [Hochstein] MedSpa has a licensed specialist to help you with your treatment areas.

3. Obagi!!! It has totally transformed my skin. I have a few brown spots and pigmentation, and the lightening cream really did the trick. My go-to product out of the Obagi line is Brightenex skin brightener and correcting cream with retinol.

4. Caudalie Beauty Elixir: It’s the perfect little pick-me-up throughout the day with its rosemary and minty-fresh scent and helps keep you moisturized when traveling. It also sets makeup and gives your skin an instant dewy glow that’s great for hot days at the beach.

5. Klorane Dry Shampoo: With the added moisture in the air during Miami’s hot summer months, skin and hair can produce more oil. This dry shampoo extends my blowouts for days, creates fullness and maintains a clean hair look. Major time-saver!

6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer: Ambient luminous bronze light: No tan? No problem. If you want the J.Lo bronze glow, this product has got you covered. I’ve scoured the planet to find the perfect bronzer—and this is it.

8. VelaShape: We all suffer from unwanted cellulite  to some degree, unless you are a 20-something swimsuit model with zero body fat. You have it. Even if you work out every day and eat clean, nothing will ever really get rid of it completely. The closest you might get to being cellulite-free is with VelaShape. This treatment offered at Hochstein MedSpa essentially burns off your fat cells with infrared light and a bi-polar radio frequency energy vacuum. It’s quick and noninvasive. This type of heating and vacuum stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin, leaving your skin much smoother and tighter. If you follow me on Instagram (and you should be!) you’ve seen my videos of how VelaShape can help reduce cellulite. Four to six treatments are required to see an improvement.

9. HydraFacial MD: This is by far the best facial I’ve ever had. I loved it so much I brought it to Hochstein MedSpa. Wouldn’t it be great to have one procedure to help with wrinkles, fine lines, evening skin tones, skin texture and oily + congested skin? This facial cleanses, extracts and hydrates, and is customized for any skin type. It only takes about 30 minutes with zero downtime and leaves you with a glow the moon would be jealous of.

Following these tips will help bring your mind, body and soul to a better place, which creates a better you! Reach your summer goals and bring your happiness out. Remember sunscreen, moisturize, hydrate and protect the skin you’re in.

hydrafacial at Hochstein MedSpa
Hydrafacial at Hochstein MedSpa

Photo Credit: Lisa Hochstein