7 Ways To Maintain An L.A. Beach Body



Carrie Minter is going to change your body. This stunning model turned business-owner (she’s modeled for top designers including Valentino and Versace, and has graced the covers and pages of Seventeen Magazine, FHM, Esquire, Maxim, and Playboy) is the woman behind Carrie’s Pilates Plus, a studio with a Pilates-based workout that is known to be one of the most challenging workouts in LaLa Land thanks to its mix of cardio, weight resistance and core training. The studio (and, let’s face it, Carrie herself) has garnered enough of a following that celebrities such as Calvin Harris, Bella Thorne, Shay Mitchell, Jonah Hill, Kyra Sedgwick and Cami Morrone have come here for training. The studio, located at 7960 W 3rd St., is a top exercise spot in the City of Angels, and one that has an all-inclusive atmosphere to boot—even hosting pre-natal classes for pregnant women and catering to those with injuries. Personally, we’d recommend that you take one of Carrie’s favorite booty-shaping classes:“Get Cheeky” and “Booty Burn.” Here this Pilates guru shares seven ways to maintain a hot L.A. beach bod year-round. 
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  1. PILATES – Of course my number one tip is pilates, but I really do believe it’s the best fitness workout. My studio is pilates based, but mixed with cardio and strength training so it’s the ultimate workout because it’s really all you need in a day. We emphasize strength and resistance training—every exercise we do helps work your core. It’s also great for your butt, which everyone in LA is obsessed with.
  2. STAY BUSY—This is my favorite, most natural lifestyle tip. I find when I’m busy and running around I end up burning calories just by walking, walking my dogs, and running up and down stairs in the house.
  3. BE CONSCIOUS OF FOOD- I don’t diet by any means, but I’m conscious of what I’m eating and putting into my body, and how much. It’s good to know Indulging is okay in moderation, and we should indulge because we live in a city with so many exceptional culinary options. But I believe you do have to be aware of what you’re eating and to make the choices that will help
  4. WORKOUT BUDDIES—Find a friend to workout with, it’s much more fun and you can motivate each other. A lot of my clients come in pairs, it’s really cute. Any kind of active activity is more fun with friends like surfing, swimming, tennis, etc. Pair up!
  5. LEARN WORKOUTS TO DO IN A PINCH – Build up knowledge of workouts to do on-the-go in a crunch or at home like planks, crunches, jumping jacks, and squats. I read that one of my clients, Shay Mitchell, brings a jump rope when she travels because it takes up no space in your belongings and allows you to workout anywhere. I want to buy a trampoline for my house because what’s a more fun cardio workout than that?
  6. PERSONAL TRAINERS—Hire a personal trainer if you have a hard time motivating yourself. Having someone push you one-on-one to be the best version of you is always helpful. My trainers are really motivating and I look for an encouraging positive attitude and energy when hiring people. It helps some people to have a workout appointment booked they can’t cancel at risk of losing money.
  7. FITNESS BLOGS—Find a few fitness blogs and influencers to follow for motivation. They have a lot of tips and workouts and inspiring content. They may also do fitness clothes giveaways and know about fun events to attend.