Weekend Roundup: Make Pasta at Aunt Jake’s This Weekend

Scurrying to find Memorial Day Weekend plans? Don’t fret! If you’re not heading out East or out of the city, enrich your cultural appetite with Aunt Jake’s incredible pasta lab in the heart of Little Italy. The vibrant, modern Italian eatery just launched its pasta making classes, which will be held on Thursday (5/25) at 2:00PM, 6:30PM, Friday (5/26) at 2:00PM and Saturday (5/27) at 2:00PM and ongoing every Thursday-Saturday.


Join Chef Carmine Di Giovanni as he teaches you everything you need to know about creating the most perfect pasta dish: from making the dough from scratch to cutting, rolling, shaping and topping the finished product off with your favorite pasta sauce. The classes are two hours and $25 per person, and of course you get to devour your creation when you’re done.


To sign up, click here.