Celebrity Dentist Rodney Raanan Transforming The Art of Dentistry in Beverly Hills

Tucked away on an elegant street in the Beverly Hills triangle stands a gleaming twelve-story medical suite. Occupying the Penthouse floor, looking out over gentle hills dotted with palms trees is the office of Dr. Rodney Raanan, LA’s most game-changing cosmetic dentist.

Working on a frequent basis with national and international celebrities, Dr. Raanan in conjunction with his partner Dr. Robert Rifkin have distinguished themselves as the Go-To dental practice in LA for the discerning Beverly Hills elite. Their state of the art treatments- from the most advanced teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, full mouth reconstruction, and IV sedation- are actively shaping the city’s most recognized smiles.


Trained at the USC School of Dentistry with additional degrees in Prosthodontics and Oral Biology from Harvard’s School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Raanan is gradually changing the experience associated with dentistry and even changing the way the art of dentistry is looked at by the public.

Acutely aware of the typical perspective one feels towards going to the dentist (dreading the pain and discomfort associated with everyday dental work), Dr. Raanan has developed an innovative luxury spa concept to tackle pre-treatment anxieties and makes dentistry a more comfortable experience.


So for those who have spent months or even years contemplating a dreaded dental procedure, putting it off for fear of the discomfort involved, yet yearning to undertake the work, your solution has arrived. Push your anxiety aside and imagine instead that a life-enriching and luxuriant procedure awaits you, at 414 N. Camden Drive. Call the office and speak to Dr. Raanan’s sensitive and caring staff for more details or how to schedule a consultation.