The Absolut Best Holiday Cocktail

Absolut Holiday Cocktail

‘Tis the season to drink and be merry. From holiday parties to ringing in the start of the new year, we’re in for an eventful two months, and there’s no better way to get in the holiday mood than sipping on some of the season’s finest spirits. The secret recipe? The silky-smooth Absolut Elyx. The copper-distilled vodka has become distinguished as the key ingredient of some of the most delicious and attractive cocktails, often served in the brand’s signature copper pineapple to add some flair to each drink. The “Julmust Cup” cocktail incorporates the theme into the holiday season by presenting the drink in a festive “Felix the Gnome” cup, the Felix name fitting as it translates to “the lucky one” in Latin–the perfect token to bring good luck to the new season and year. Mixed with flavors of blackberry and lemon, the drink has a sweet and crisp taste that complement the bits of spice subtly added to it perfectly.

The man behind this particular masterpiece is expert mixologist Angelo Vieira, from Jean-Georges’ famed Matador Bar at the EDITION Hotel Miami Beach. From the minute you step into the glamorous, oval-shaped bar reminiscent of another era with touches of Spanish-bullfighting memorabilia, you know you’re in for a serious selection of specially crafted libations created by Miami’s best bartenders. Vieira lives up to the hype. “Absolut Elyx vodka is a true luxury in spirit crafting. The single estate Swedish winter wheat and the single vintage copper still, where it is artfully created, gives the vodka its super-silky, creamy mouth feel and an incredible soft finish,” he notes. And with that, he whips up some of this magical concoction, and it is, indeed, a happy holiday.


Angelo Vieira
Angelo Vieira

Julmust Cup

3 parts Elyx

1 part blackberry purée 

1 part blackberry shrub

1 part lemon juice

1 part Julmust

1/2 part creme de fraise

5 dashes all spice dram