The $10,000 Cocktail You Must Try on NYE in Miami

Nikki Beach NYE Cocktail
Nikki Beach Dom Pérignon Rosé Strawberry Mojito

New Year’s Eve in the 305 is guaranteed to be lavish, over-the-top and above all else, the greatest party around. They key to one-upping everyone else and outdoing last year’s celebration? Order Miami’s most expensive cocktail to celebrate. The hefty price tag on Nikki Beach‘s special one-night-only supersize cocktail is $10,000 and it signifies NYE in Miami in the most fitting way: a giant, fruit-filled, Dom Pérignon Rosé Strawberry Mojito. After all, what would the night be without some Dom P to ring in the start of 2017? Now, you can toast your champagne at your own Saint-Tropez getaway, sipping on the Instagram-worthy pink drink while lounging on one of the chic all-white signature beds, with the best view of the legendary firework show on the beach. The sweet and refreshing cocktail is to be shared between your personal posse, served with multiple straws ready for photo ops throughout the night. Here’s a peek at what’s inside this decadent cocktail:

Dom Pérignon Rosé Strawberry Mojito 

1 Jeroboam of Dom Pérignon Rosé

14 oz White Rum

14 oz Lemon Rum

1 Pint of limes

1 Pint of fresh strawberries

1 pint of fresh mint leaves

1 4ft stalk of fresh sugar cane

Over ice and a floater of lemon lime soda