Miami’s Secret Waterfront Ultherapist

Ultherapy's Ultrasound Imageing
Ultherapy’s Ultrasound Imaging

“My faces walk on water,” says Amy Peterson, a medical esthetician who has become one of the leading clinical educators on Ultherapy in the country. When she arrived to Miami Beach three years ago from Seattle, she was already an expert training all the best plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists on the then-new technology. She had also already been treating the city’s tech billionaires—and their wives to the advanced ultrasound technology beauty treatments that shave off years off aging skin.

Peterson’s interest in aesthetics started young. “When I was 18-years-old, I was in a bad car accident when a drunk driver who hit me at high speed.” Peterson was left with scars—lots of them. “42 inches of them to be exact. And I devoted myself to getting rid of them, and later, to helping other people get rid of their scars.” As a result of this, she’s know exactly what she wanted to do since she graduated and started working for top surgeons at age 23.

Amy Peterson
Amy Peterson

Peterson’s philosophy is simple. “If you treat everyone like you’re mom, you’ll never go wrong.” And although it’s very safe and noninvasive, there are a few ways to go wrong with Ultherapy. “You can’t go over the same place twice, and there is a spot, where if you hit it, you will look like a stroke victim for three months.” These aren’t common mistakes, however, the biggest difference in practitioners tends to lie in the results. Peterson gets them. “It has to do with how many lines you lay down, and I do a lot.”  She always finishes each session with an intraceuticles oxygen treatment on the face to reduce redness and give an instant glow. “You can only see about 5% of the results immediately, so the oxygen amplifies gives a glow, and reduces any redness. She also insists that customers come in 30 days later for a touch up to give the results an extra boost- gratis. It’s all part of the service.

Now comes the interesting part—her office. With two small cherubic children at home, Peterson has elected to build her Miami practice from her waterfront home in Normandy isles. Her attending physician is a rather overqualified neurosurgeon, who also happens to be her husband. The small but chic office has it’s own separate entrance, which has been a blessing for her more well-known clientele who don’t want to be seen ducking in and out of cosmetic surgeon’s offices. It also speaks to the personal touch she delivers and the word-of-mouth referral business she relies one. “I only want to see people that someone else thinks I should.  Call to schedule your appointment 305.912-SKIN.