Haute Drink: Toast to Tanqueray at The Regent


Everyone loves an expertly prepared Negroni prior to a lavish meal. But what separates the average from the extraordinary? The answer is Tanqueray Gin. An old-time classic with a renowned brand name, Tanqueray has consistently delivered 180 years’ worth of excellence in its iconic green bottle. Its new variant, Tanqueray No. TEN, has become a favorite among the Miami crowd. While the London Dry Gin can be served up in many forms (straight, on the rocks or mixed as a cocktail), we suggest taking it to another, more refined level. To taste the liquor at its finest, take a trip to Miami Beach’s famed haven of mixology—The Regent Cocktail Club—and order the Barrel Aged Negroni.

The Regent Cocktail Club is perhaps Miami’s most famed and respected bar. Situated in the Gale Hotel, the classically beautiful bar offers up some of the most inventive cocktails around, with expert bartenders Bettina Barnoczki  and Chris Rolon crafting up something special each night of the week. The Barrel Aged Negroni is Romano’s specialty. In this deliciously crafted aperitif, one can taste the true spirit in its full form, enhancing the barrel-aged flavors and secret herbs. Topped with a very rare grapefruit zest, the cocktail offers a unique kick that can’t be found anywhere else. “The Barrel Aged Negroni at The Regent is a must-have. Blended perfectly with the rich sensation of the juniper-forward Tanqueray London Dry―all the ingredients are barrel-aged together with some secret herbs for an entire month. It gives a zesty spin on a classic cocktail that is worth the wait,” Rolon remarked.


The Regent Cocktail ClubPhoto Credit: The Regent Cocktail Club

Barrel Aged Negroni” Equal parts Tanqueray Gin, Campari and Cocchi Vermouth di Torino1 oz. each
These wonderful ingredients are barrel-aged together with additional secret herbs. After one month, the blend is ready to serve.
Served over 1 large ice cube and topped with a very rare grapefruit zest.