5 Ways Next Health is Paving the Way for One-Stop Wellness in LA


There’s a trendy new all-encompassing health facility in West Hollywood that’s going to seriously be your one-stop for all healthcare (and beauty) needs. Meet Next Health, which, as its name implies, is certainly going to be the next big thing in health and wellness for the busy Angeleno.

The facility, located underneath Crunch at 8000 W. Sunset Boulevard, offers an extensive menu of customized services, incorporating state-of-the-art medical treatments and beauty services curated by seasoned medical professionals in a high-design setting. It’s a MedSpa, for sure, but also something more, something cooler and much more unique. There are also holistic treatments, cool technology and a team of young professionals that ‘get’ how boring waiting at a traditional medical office can be.

Here are five services offered at this haute WeHo healthcare facility that are just what the doctor ordered (even if he didn’t).


  1. CRYOTHERAPY. If you’re not familiar, cryo (as the kids say) is the all-encompassing tool for wellness. You’ll stand in a freezing tank for 2.5 minutes (if you an stand it) with you aesthetician at the ready outside. Sure, it’s cold, but athletes and fitness addicts swear by it for overall recovery. If you’re not an athlete, which, let’s face it, few of us are, you’ll still reap the rewards—cryo helps improve sleep, slow aging, reduce pain and yes, even lose weight. To get through it, we advise you choose your favorite pump up music and dance around. Your body will be happy you did.
  2. RESTORATIVE IV DRIPS. This might sound a little weird, but it works. You’ll sit in a lounge chair with a cozy grey blanket draped over your lap with an vitamin-rich IV inserted into your arm while you watch Netflix shows on virtual reality goggles. The IVs can do everything, from helping to restore your immune system, to getting rid of a hangover to speeding up weight loss to giving your skin a golden Hollywood glow. i
  3. GENETIC TESTING.  Spit in a tube one day and have your genetic map the next. OK, well, it’s not quite that simple, but getting your results will be. The staff will go over in detail every aspect of your report and give you a complete understanding of your results and how to best implement them. Included with this is a specific diet, supplement and exercise suggestions based on your DNA as well as a complete meal plan you can easily implement. No more guessing! It doesn’t get any easier than this.
  4. HORMONE EVALUATION. This program will assess what’s going on with your hormone levels and, if something is off, how to treat them in the best way possible for you. Amazing.
  5. TREATMENTS FOR A YOUNGER YOU. After getting your IV, genetic tests, hormone evaluation and cryo, yes, you can also make yourself look younger at the same time. The facility offers everything form injectables to Botox to Restylane to laser hair removal and laser vein removal.