Drew Barrymore’s 5 Tips To A Chicer Home

Drew Barrymore hosts Shutterfly (Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Shutterfly)"
Actress Drew Barrymore launched the Drew Barrymore Home Collection for Shutterfly. Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Shutterfly

Actress/producer Drew Barrymore is extending her reach way beyond Tinseltown. In the spring she rolled out a Rose collection, and now in partnership with Shutterfly, the star (famously of E.T. and Grey Gardens)just introduced a new line of home decor items.  It’s not the first time Barrymore has teamed up with the web-based publishing group—her curated 2015 holiday line for them was so successful that it paved the way for a more extensive collaboration introduced this week–and just eight months later. Here we show some of our favorites from the line, called the Drew Barrymore Home Collection, which is distinguished by colorful textiles and a light-handed sense of design whimsy. To celebrate the launch Barrymore also shared some of her favorite home decorating tips. Here’s what the actress recommends for a chicer home.

Keep things fresh

“I’m always tinkering – moving artwork around, changing tabletop knickknacks, recovering pillows.  It gives my rooms a fresh look without the effort (or budget) of a major remodel.  And it keeps things interesting.”

Pink Pillow
In the pink: Pillows can create a fresh look to a room without any major effort–in bedrooms, living rooms, or even window nooks says Barrymore.

Seek out interesting items

“I love searching through flea markets and antique stores for old pieces that have interesting stories and great heritage.  Not only do they make a home unique, but you feel like you collected treasures.”

Add a personal touch

“I want my home to feel like it really belongs to me and my family, so I fill it with personalized items that incorporate our photos and favorite memories.  Shutterfly is always my go to source for personalized home décor!”

Personalize these vases for family and friends for birthday gifts or anniversaries.

Add little touches

“Whether I find a piece at a flea market or a fancy home furnishings store, I always look for ways to put my mark on it. Sometimes that means spray-painting a traditional side table a bright color, and other times that means recovering a modern chair with a traditional fabric. Buy and decorate from different places and have patience for it all to come together.”

Fleece Sherpa
Fleece Sherpa: Throw on a sofa, use as a picnic blanket, or just wrap around yourself—they are as cozy as they are cute.

Make your house a home

“I love for people to feel comfortable in my home. Eclectic decorating is disarming and more relaxed.”

This stylish duvet cover adds a sense of bohemian sophistication to a bedroom and can brighten up a space of any size.