What You Need To Know About This Billionaire Members-Only Service


Time is money. If you’re of the billionaire variety, the time you would have to take making travel arrangements or doing your own shopping is probably far too valuable to waste on such trivial matters. Maybe you have a team of staff dedicated to handling such things, but even that can be time consuming. So what if you had one centralized place where you could get all your luxe services catered to? Now you do.

The Billionaire Concierge is a market leader in providing luxury VIP concierge, unique lifestyle management, exclusive tickets, events and experiences to prestigious members worldwide. No matter where you are, or what time it is, a friendly, highly skilled and pro active team are available 24/7 for all your queries. But don’t think that just because you’re a billionaire they are going to overcharge you. Unlike other concierge companies they won’t break the bank, Instead Billionaire Concierge will make you to get you the best price for the product or service required. They even provide the option for financial services and business consulting,

Everything about this haute new service exudes luxury. The Billionaire Store is filled with lush temptations, but can also be an opportunity  for our clients to advertise their wonderful products. Here you can find anything from limited edition watches, jets, helicopters, cars and yachts.

Los Angeles Clippers basketball star DeAndre Jordan claims, “I Have the Black Amex and Vertu Concierge so I was sceptical at first. However this service has far exceeded them both. Would definitely recommend.”

You heard the man, now what are you waiting for?

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