Pro Tips From Dr. Victoria Veytsman On Keeping Your Smile Bright This Summer



Our diets affect every part of our being. While we scrutinize what we’re eating for weight purposes, we should also be considering some of the other unwanted effects of a poor diet. One of these being a bright, white smile. Dr. Victoria Veytsman, DDS, owner of Cosmetic Dental Studios, is here to save your smile. Not only is she one of the premiere cosmetic dentists in New York City focusing on Cosmetic, General and Implant Dentistry, Veytsman is also the youngest-ever graduate of New York University College of Dentistry at the age of 22. She completed a residency at St.Lukes-Roosevelt, a Columbia College of physicians and surgeons, and is accredited in over 10+ postgraduate programs.  Dr. V’s passion is for smile transformations combining art and science to create healthy beautiful smiles.
We simply had to ask Dr. Victoria Veytsman what to be wary of, and what to go for, when eating towards a brighter smile! 

Foods that keep your teeth white:

1. Water: Helps wash away acid and stain-causing chromagens
2. Sugar-free gum: Stimulates salivary flow, which is great at washing away stain-causing agents
3. Apples, cauliflower, and celery: Act as scrubs and keep stains from sticking to teeth. Also increase salivary flow.
4. Seeds and nuts: Not only full of protein and healthy fats, but act as gentle scrubs to remove stains
5. Milk, yogurt and cheese: Have healthy calcium to help strengthen teeth and make them less prone to cavities and staining

Foods that will stain teeth:

1. Black coffee and teas
2. Red and white wine: While red wine has more chromagens, white wine may make teeth more susceptible to staining from other agents
3. Colas, sports drinks or other acidic beverages (including wine)
4. Berries: While berries are full of antioxidants and are great for you, they can definitely stain your teeth. Keep eating them, but definitely brush afterwards!
5. Hard Candy: stains the teeth because of the dye used in them