This £8.5 Million Flat Aboard The World’s Largest Yacht Could Be Yours


All the perks of a yacht without any of the maintenance or cost? Welcome to The World: the largest private residential ship on the planet. This unique concept has created a community of luxury world travelers ready for a lifetime of wanderlust. As a member of the community, you own much more than your private residence; you collectively own the ship as well.

If you secure one of the 164 units on board The World, you’re given the opportunity to help create special expeditions and programming, which takes you to all corners of the globe with expert guides and lecturers in various fields of expertise––diving, wine tasting, world cultures, and beyond. As neighbors turn to travel companions, you will get to create unforgettable memories––all in an extremely luxurious setting.

Even when docked, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to leave The World. On board, you have access to yoga, pilates, and swimming classes; a fully-equipped fitness center; spinning bikes; and even a game of tennis on the only regulation-sized court at sea. If you’re looking for a more tailored experience, you can opt for personal trainers or industry experts to get you in shape through activities like kayak journeys and diving excursions.

All of that activity may leave you famished, in which case you have plenty of options to choose from. From Asian cuisine at East, to Mediterranean cuisine at Tides, you can find something from any culture on board. The newly redesigned Marina restaurant offers modern American fare with sweeping views both from within and from an open air platform at the stern of the ship. Perhaps its most exquisite option, Portraits is considered to be one of the finest restaurants on land or at sea. There are, of course, casual options as well, such as Fredy’s Deli and the Poolside Grill. If you’re not looking to dine out and just want to spend some quality time in your quarters, you can buy your own ingredients on board or take advantage the unique “Call-a-Chef” program.

There are seemingly endless options for entertainment and leisure aboard this super-yacht. The Colosseo theater is the ultimate spot to enjoy some quality cinema. You can even explore a large collection of books, magazines, and DVD’s in The Study. The spa offers the latest in hair, body, and skincare techniques with the highest quality ingredients as well as onboard physiotherapy.

What are you waiting for? The World is your oyster.

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