Italy’s Iconic Spritz Cocktail Gets A New York Spin

Italy is best known for its wine production, but it sure has come up with some great cocktails, like the Negroni and the Spritz.  We like them both!  But nothing says summer better than a Spritz, that delectable combo of Aperol (a bittersweet orange liqueur mixed with herbs), Prosecco, and a splash of soda.

Talia Baiocchi, co-author of “Spritz,” says the modern-day drink had its roots in Northern Italy when, according to local lore, “nineteenth century Austrian soldiers introduced the practice of adding a spritz (spray) of water to the region’s wine in an effort to make them more pleasing to their Riesling-weaned palates.” Baiocchi says the drink went through a number or iterations and eventually the all-important bitter element was introduced to the mix. “Today, the Spritz archetype is more or less a combination of three parts Prosecco, two parts bitter liqueur (Aperol being the most classic form), and one part soda,” she explains.

We always enjoy drinking spritzes in Venice, where they’re particularly popular—like on the terrace of the Gritti Palace, or at the Belmond Cipriani Hotel on the Giudecca, but we’re happy to imbibe them anywhere.  We reached out to a few top New York mixologists for some fresh new takes on this scrumptious drink.

The classic Spritz mixes Aperol, prosecco, and sparkling water

Aperol Spritz at Sessanta (60 Thompson Street, sessantanyc.comThe restaurant just launched a Spritz Cart serving a variety of Spritzes , including the classic, whose recipe is below:

3 parts Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 part Sparkling Water

RE Razberry Bianco Spritz 2
Razberry Bianco Spritz

Razberry Bianco Spritz at Le Boudoir (135 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn Heights; created by Franky Marshall, Le Boudoir
1.5 oz Aperol
.75 oz Cinzano Bianco
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
.5 oz simple syrup
1 oz. dry, sparkling wine
 3 ripe raspberries
Add raspberries to mixing tin, gently muddle. Add the rest of ingredients. Shake with ice. Fine strain into wine glass over fresh ice. Top with 1 oz of dry sparkling wine. Garnish with fresh raspberries and mint.

Aloe Spritz at
Aloe Spritz at Belle Shoals

Aloe Spritz at Belle Shoals (10 Hope Street, Brooklyn) created by Haley Forest
1.5 parts Aperol
2 parts Aloe Liqueur
Build in shaker and shake with ice. Pour in wine glass over ice and garnish with a cucumber slice.

Mighty Fine Spritz
Mighty Fine Spritz

Mighty Fine Spritz at Dante (79-81 Macdougal St.: and Saxon + Parole (316 Bowery; created by Victoria Canty
1.5 oz Aperol
.5 oz Fino sherry
Topped up with Perrier and Prosecco
Build in a wine glass and garnish with lemon and orange wheels.

Mary's Gold
Mary’s Gold

Mary’s Gold at  August Laura ( 387 Court St, Brooklyn) created by Sofia Present
1.5 oz Aperol
1.5 oz Prosecco
.5 oz Sparkling Water
1 oz fresh grapefruit juice
.5  oz fresh lemon juice
.25 oz simple syrup
Quick shake with a few pebbles of ice or one cube. Pour in habanero-rimmed wine glass over ice cubes. Top with Prosecco and 1/2 oz soda water. Garnish with edible flower.